Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible changes in the way we get our hair ‘did’ and this season is no different. Before you head to your local hair stylists, you need to know what’s trending and these following five looks from award-winning stylist, Charlie Helou from Mes Cheveux are guaranteed to be the next big thing.

1 Twist Cutting

Twist cutting is the cutting-edge (excuse the pun) technique that involves twisting a section of your locks and then cutting straight across the hair. When the hair is loosened, you’re left with a perfectly angled line. The technique gives the hair bounce by removing excess weight and is the perfect option for girls with super thick, curly or wavy hair.

2 Ombre

Ombre is the new balayage. A more modern and dramatic take on balayage, ombre uses colour or bleach to lighten just the bottom half of the strands so that you get more of the ‘lived in’ look.


3 Hollywood Hair

Hollywood Hair takes volume to an entirely new level. Using a combination of brushes and Kevin Murphy styling powder, Hollywood Hair makes your look bigger and bolder than ever. This technique is perfect for fine-haired girls, as it can give you the body you need without the use of hair extensions.hollywood main

4 Fake Colours

Fake colours are the damaged-hair girl’s dream. Instead of applying another layer of colour to your hair, hair stylists can freshen up your look by adding hair extensions at the nape of your head in a lighter shade. This gives the appearance of a brand new colour, without further drying out your strands.

5 Flat Colours

Usually around this time, we’ll see an influx of auburns, coppers and golds to spice up the cold winter months… but not this season. Instead of warm colours, this year will be all about the ashy tones. Charlie says that this shouldn’t stop girls from going a shade or two darker, it just means that the colour will be silver-based instead of bronze.

main flat colour

Founded in 2015 by some of NSW’s most well-known hairstylists and educators, Charlie Helou and Josephine Staltari, Mes Cheveux is a new addition to Westfield Parramatta. With a plethora of awards under their belt, including 2015 Hairdresser of the Year, the team at Mes Cheveux combines contemporary styling with decades of experience.

Celebrity images from iStock. All hair images from Mes Cheveux.

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