5 Tips to Creating a Personalised Wedding Hashtag

A modern wedding is not complete without a unique hashtag, how else is everyone going to share your wedding on social right? It can be a little tricky creating the perfectly personalised wedding hashtag that everyone will love (and won’t be hard to use too!). We’ve all seen the bride’s name, groom’s name hashtags and they’re pretty basic. So we’ve got a five tips and tricks to help you create a fun hashtag that’s totally you.

1. Start with your names

We know we just said names are pretty basic, but there’s nothing basic about ‘Kimye’ is there? Use your first name, last and nicknames as a starting point. Then mash it up, rhyme it out and revel in the cutesy gloriousness that ensues.

2. Use your numbers

The simplest way to make your wedding hashtag both unique and totally personalised is to play with the date of the wedding. They may be another Mr and Mrs Green but #ForeverGreen2017 has a little more spice.

3. Pun is Fun

Hashtags are about having all the fun, even when it’s a total ‘dad joke’ pun. But that’s all part of the entertainment. Look for alliterations, synonyms and puns that will make you hashtag both clever and memorable. #HappilyEverArthurs

4. Check your spelling

Make sure you proof read your hashtag before you and your guests start using it. We know of a few hashtag fails (cue Susan Boyles Album release party hashtag), so make sure your names don’t mash into something terrible or have too many repeated letters eg. #AnnaandCraig can be reversed to #CraigandAnna clean and simple.

5. Capitalise each word

Capitalising the first letter of each word increases the hashtag readability and will make your joke more obvious. Plus it looks nicer that way #MossBeLove.

Now all you need to do is spread the word and get everyone hashtagging.

Why not put your hashtag to good use – Entry Banners, Signs, Photo Booths…the list is endless!

On a gorgeous personalised sign, perhaps?

Or on a customised Photo Booth template like this one from Create A Booth


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