5 Tips for Saving Money on a Holiday Time Wedding

With the holidays approaching it’s always important to be mindful of how much money you’re spending, especially if you plan on tying the knot around this time of year. Financially it can be one of the tougher tasks to accomplish, but with research and great organisation, you can make for the most magical holiday season yet.

Try out these 5 tips to save a little extra money for your special holiday wedding.

1. Seek Cheaper Dress Options

It’s no secret that one of the most expensive items of a wedding can be your wedding dress, and although for many it’s a huge priority, trying cheaper alternatives can save some extra money.

Buying pre-loved dresses can be the most cost-effective route to saving money, with sites like Stillwhite serving as marketplaces for dresses that are basically flawless and have been worn only once, or maybe not all. Sites like this are your best option for finding huge savings on dresses that are significantly cheaper than retail price.

2. Use Online tools for RSVP and ticketing

One innovative way to budget for your holiday wedding is to take your wedding invitations online for free! Organising RSVPs and invitations can be rather tedious, especially If you’re having a large wedding, so instead of spending money on paper invitations and the mailing cost to get them out, try using online ticketing sites to track RSVPs, host the wedding’s details and more.

Being able to manage all the data online allows for wedding guests to RSVP with a click of a button and allows you to keep all your important guest information in one space.  This will make for one stress-free bride!

3. Find an Inexpensive Yet Tasteful Venue

After you have a set number of guests, landing a venue is the next challenge, that can cost you quite a hefty price. If you’re struggling to find a local venue that can run you a reasonable rate, try wedding venue databases that can help sort by guest number, budget, and more. Resources like this are great for comparing venues and figuring out what you’re prioritizing when it comes to venue selection.

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There are also many alternatives that can make for cheap, yet beautiful venues. Places like national parks, Airbnbs, and even backyards can be budget-friendly ways to host your special day. This is all about comfort, however, there are picturesque places that can save you some serious money.

4. Add some DIY

Keeping a decor theme for your wedding can be pretty expensive, but creating your own can cut back how much you’re spending. DIY with the help of websites like Etsy and Pinterest to spark ideas.

If Items like guestbooks, sparklers, table toppers, table decor, bonbonnieres, are made by hand with the help of your girls, you can definitely save yourself some money!

5. Consider Your Catering Options

Food selection can make or break a wedding so keeping your options open is important. Catering an event (especially during holiday season) can run up quite a bill but there are some tricks to the trade that you should know about!

One major tip that can help budget your wedding is providing guests with a buffet-style meal. This will save money on the backend for getting a certain amount of food rather than providing an amount of food per person that might end up going to waste.

Plus, making a self-serve buffet the option will also save the price of having a staff on site to serve the food, clean up, etc.

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