In the words of Queen B, he liked it so he put a ring on it, but now you’re struggling to remember the days when you were single and ready to mingle! In an ode to those special days, we have dedicated this post to them.

1. Mismatched Lingerie

Ahh, the simpler days. None of this sexy lacy bra with matching underwear that you have in four different colours! You wore whatever bra was on top of your draw at the time, and weren’t afraid to match it with underwear in the same location. A nude bra with blue underwear? No fear.

2. Days of Nothing

You used to wake up on a Saturday and have no plans but to grab some ice-cream for dessert. But now you have to juggle two of his events as the sober driver because they’re his friends, or he takes it upon himself to organise the night in which walking outside the house is inevitable. Does he know how long it takes to put an outfit together?!

3. Watching Netflix Alone

When you were single, Netflix was the man in your life. He knew what you wanted to watch, and he knew what you would like to watch in the future. He remembered all those past movies you said you’d watch later down the track, and if you wanted to watch every adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice he was totally okay with that. Being in a relationship means it’s no longer just you, but your man’s suggested action movies that will most likely include those movie series that never end like the Terminator series or Die Hard.

4. Buying Gifts For Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

Your pay check is in and shopping is on you’re mind! When you’re single this is as natural is as shaking you’re booty and hand every time you hear Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’. But now you have to hide the pretty branded bags and have the good old ‘i’ve had this/these shirt/jeans/jacket/shoes/earrings for aaagessss’ comment at the ready.

5. Not Shaving Every Day

No longer can you walk around the house with wax on your upper lip, or not shave your legs out of necessity with the only reason being that you have to wear a dress/skirt without stockings. To men, you’re a pristine creature whose habits are unknown because you have to lock yourself in the bathroom and complete the following before he notices you’re gone.

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