5 Things You Need To Know Post-Baby

The miracle of life is cool and all, but a baby is a bit of a fun sponge. You’re not allowed to drink alcohol, sushi is off limits, and your favorite jeans won’t make it past your thighs. You would think that after nine months of torture pregnancy, the restrictions would be lifted and you could return to normal life (with the small addition of a baby). WRONG! You now have to battle with a whole other set of rules after you have given birth. Luckily, just like pregnancy, these rules are only temporary and you’ll be munching on sashimi in no time.

Here are five things you can’t do after having a baby.

Drink Alcohol

If there is any time in your life when you definitely deserve a drink, it’s after you have just pushed a watermelon-sized human out of your body. Unfortunately, if you intend to breastfeed, alcohol is still off limits. It enters into your breast milk the same way it enters your bloodstream. While you may think it’s only one glass of Chardonnay, a child’s liver isn’t as developed as an adult’s and cannot adequately process the toxins. Furthermore, alcohol affected breast milk can the disrupt sleeping and eating patterns of your baby. You’ll just have to wait a few more months before you can whip out Mummy’s special juice box.

Eat Chocolate

Just like alcohol, the foods you eat while breastfeeding can affect the taste of your milk. Spice-laden foods and citrus fruits have been known to alter the taste of breast milk, but surprisingly, chocolate can have an adverse effect too. Before you begin to contemplate whether this whole pregnancy thing was really worth it if you have to give up chocolate, be assured that all babies will react differently to certain foods. Chocolate consumption is only problematic if your baby develops colic or has bowel movement issues. If you are one of the lucky mothers, your baby might actually like the variation in taste and you can return to eating whatever you please. Cue a supermarket sweep for camembert, salami, cookie dough, and oysters.

Microblading and Cosmetic Tattoos

Now that you’re a new mum, you no longer have the time to perform your usual beauty routine like putting on makeup or showering. If you’d rather spend those five minutes of alone time napping apposed to doing beauty chores, then cosmetic tattooing might be an option for you. Before you head off to the salon, you will have to wait a couple of months until you get inked. Under no exception should a breastfeeding mother partake in cosmetic tattooing such as mircoblading because of the chemicals and numbing agents used during the procedure. The side effects of pregnancy hormones –pigmentation and fluid retention– can also affect how the tattoo wears over time.

Using Retinoids


Your skin can go a bit crazy after pregnancy and it can be tempting to look towards the latest science-supported skincare product for a quick fix. While most products are safe to use after you’ve just given birth, it’s still important to check the ingredients for anything that could be potentially harmful to your baby. Retinoids are a skincare ingredient that should be avoided during your pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. They are known to be the superhero of all skincare that can fight off the evils of blemishes and ageing, but exposure to this chemical through breast milk can negatively impact the development of a baby.  Benzoyl peroxide is a safer topical alternative to fight those pesky spots.

Wear Your Old Clothes

After your baby has shot itself out of the least fun waterside in history, you are no doubt relieved that a) it’s finally here and it’s the cutest little blob in the entire universe and b) you finally have control of your body again. Before you begin to think about of sashaying back into your favorite threads and be-ridding yourself of those maternity jeans (although they could come in handy when you become pregnant with your next baby – the pasta kind), there is another fashion accessory you need to think about.  Compression pants. Any form of compression shorts, pants or wraps can help support your body after giving birth, minimise loose skin, and help with abdominal separation. They may not be bracing the runway anytime soon but they are an important step to get you feeling like your pre-baby self again.

Written by Sarah Mourtos


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