The wedding is over, the photos are published and you’re getting settled into married life; but what do you do about that dress?

1. Sell it

We know, we know, don’t shoot the messenger, okay? It’s a horrible suggestion to some, but it’ll be a logical solution to others. So much money is spent on your dress, only to have it sit in a box in the back of the cupboard! Why not sell it, give your dress another night on the town and use the money to take back a bit of what your wedding cost you!


2. Re-purpose it

So much fabric, so much potential! If you’ve ever wanted to get crafty, nows the time. All that lace and silk could make a very cute everyday top, skirt or shorts! Another cute idea is to keep the fabric for your sister/daughter/daughter-in-law/niece to use as a bouquet ribbon on their special day. Alternatively, you can donate to the Angel Gown program, who use your fabric to lovingly handcraft a small dress and provide it to the parents of premature babies who’ve passed away as a last gift to their precious bub.


3. Alter it

In line with the theme above, why not alter your dress into an everyday dress or a cocktail dress? You’d get many more uses out of it by shortening the length of it, maybe even dye it a different colour if your bold enough!


4. Trash It

Another don’t shoot the messenger. Why destroy a beautiful, expensive, amazing, symbolic dress? Many people do it in a photo shoot to celebrate an anniversary. It could be doing something crazy like paintball, being caught in a food fight or rolling around in the sand after a swim in the ocean. It creates more memories for that special day that are captured in the same, fun atmosphere.


5. Save it

Something more of us are inclined to do, keep the dress and save it for someone close to re-use on their own special day. Although not all trends carry across decades, a daughter, daughter-in-law or niece may ask you the question of whether they can wear the dress on their wedding day – and what a special moment that will be for you.


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