It’s the one day that you want to go down without a hitch, but although we hate to be the bearer of bad news, something will always go wrong. We’ve put together the 5 things that are almost guaranteed to happen at your wedding, in the hope that you prepare yourself for these #WeddingFails, take your cue from Elsa and ‘Let it Go’…

1. A Bridesmaid Will Be Late

We all have that one girlfriend who is late for EVERYTHING, so much so that you’ve learnt to order your entrée without her at restaurants. On your big day, she’ll probably be late. Accept it and if you’re seriously concerned, give her an earlier arrival time.

2. Someone Will Try and Outshine You

Whether it’s your monster-in-law wearing a tight gold bandage dress, or your cousin’s best-friend who’s obviously trying to catch the eye of the best man, there will always be that one guest who is desperately trying to take the title of ‘belle of the ball’. When you spot her from the other side of the church, just take a deep breath and remember that you’re the one with Prince Charming on your arm.

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3. Your Creepy Uncle is Drunk Dancing

Or your brother, or your best friend. It doesn’t matter who it is, weddings are seen as a time to let your hair down – and let’s face it, some people can handle their mojitos better than others.

4. The DJ Pulls Out a Party Hit…and it Misses the Mark

No matter how awesome your DJ is, there will no doubt be at least one song that is more ‘awkward’ than ‘anthem’. Use this time to have a laugh and reminisce over your teenage years listening to Shaggy and S Club 7 (ahh, who are we kidding, we still listen to these 90s hits!).

5. Family Politics Results in WW3

If you have a big family, you’re bound to have some tension. Whether it’s Great Aunt Betty who has never forgiven your cousin Janet for that oddly-placed tattoo; or your brother Anthony who accidentally hit on your second cousin’s ex, don’t let it get in your way. Accept the situation and down another champers.


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