We love a destination Wedding; not only do you get the incredible backdrop, unique venue and fabulous experience (#TotallyInstagrammable), but it can be as much fun for your guests as it is for you.

However, one of the biggest oversights that Brides have is forgetting to take their gown into account when considering the logistics of a destination Wedding. So, before you choose your dream destination Wedding dress, we partnered with Megan Ziems, Founder of Grace Loves Lace to get the five things that you need to know!

1. Seasonal Styling

The first thing a destination Bride needs to do is to check the climate, including average temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind-chill factor, before setting her heart on a particular gown. Megan explains, “If your Wedding is being held atop a snow-capped mountain, look for a gown with a heavier and stiffer fabric, because soft tulles will get caught up in the wind and can lead to wardrobe malfunctions!” Whereas a hot tropical destination Wedding lends itself to luxurious light silks and more relaxed silhouettes.


2. Pack Smart

Yep; unless you want to be surprised by hundreds of dollars of excess baggage fees when you go to board your flight, you’d best weigh your Wedding gown. Megan suggests that if you are concerned about packing a gown that weighs a ton, opt for a dress without boning or extra zips, as these extra details can make it harder to pack. “Our Grace gowns are designed for ultimate comfort and style factor. They are the perfect destination wedding style. Even though they’re super luxurious, they’re also super lightweight, which is ideal for travelling”.


3. From Ceremony to Reception

The biggest trend in Wedding gowns at the moment is changing up the look between the ceremony and reception. Megan advises that destination Brides can replicate this by packing light capes, lace kimonos or robes that can completely reinvent and refresh the look!


4. Research First

Don’t just look at the climate when researching the destination, make sure you consider the scenery and culture too! Megan also suggests you use your Wedding venue to also provide you with direction when it comes to the destination Wedding gown, for example, “If your Wedding is at a high-end resort in Bali, you can opt for a gown that’s more edgy and fashion-forward than if your Wedding was at a traditional Balinese temple, which might require a more traditional, modest dress.”


5. Don’t Forget the Honeymoon

Every Bride knows that the Wedding night and honeymoon lingerie is important, so make sure you pack a few pieces of Chantilly lace negligee. Look for options that don’t weigh much and are easily transportable (so you can fit them in your suitcase)! Also pieces that you can reinvent long into the holiday by repurposing them as everyday pieces.


Proud to be the revolutionaries defining a new era of bride, Grace Loves Lace specialise in creating effortlessly unique, luxurious designs for the modern woman. Proudly designed and handmade in Australia using lace and sand-washed silks from Europe, Grace Loves Lace offer a wide range of Wedding dresses, jewellery, accessories and everyday wear for the unique bride.

On July 5, 2016, Grace Loves Lace with be opening their very first international showroom in L.A. – stay tuned!

Main image from John and Julia’s Wedding. Photography by Kieran Moore Photography.

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