5 things every Bridesmaid needs to know to help the Bride wee in her Wedding gown

Your Bridesmaids have seen you at your best (hello, the summer of 2012 when you tried a raw, vegan diet) and at your worst (post-breakup with the douche from high school), but it’s on your Wedding Day that your relationship will go up another level when they have to help you use the toilet!

Despite all the checklists and ‘to-dos’ we talk about, there is one aspect of being a Bridesmaid that isn’t discussed as often as it should be… how to help the Bride go to the bathroom.

So, we’ve put together this must-read list of the 5 things every Bridesmaid needs to know about helping the Bride sit on the porcelain throne.

1. Consider a Backwards Move

This may seem crazy, but it actually works! Suggest that the Bride faces the wall behind the toilet and straddle the bowl to do a wee. Although it’s the opposite way to what she’s used to, it’s a whole lot easier to keep the train of her gown clean.


2. Break the Rules

This is normally a huge no-no, but if the Bride needs to use the toilet, you’re going to have to take the handicapped option. She’ll need the bars to help her sit on the stool, as well as a ton of space around the toilet for her ‘Maids to help her lift her dress.

3. Three’s a Charm

If possible, go to the bathroom in a group of three – a Bride and 2 Bridesmaids; that way there’ll be a ‘Maid on either side to hold the dress.

4. Remind Her

If you’re a Bridesmaid, make sure you check-in with your Bride every hour or so whether she needs to use the bathroom. Oftentimes, she’ll be dragged from person to photographer to family member and she won’t even realise she’s busting to wee!

5. Use it as a Time Out

The bathroom will probably be one of the only quiet spaces the Bride can gather her thoughts in, so while you’re in there with her, stay calm, don’t rush her and give her a chance to unwind.

Main image from Ally and Mark’s Wedding. Photography by Andy Morris / Weddings by Morris.

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