5 Things a Bride Should Never Complain About

Wedding planning is stressful and trying to balance your lifestyle and work with all the craziness is a major feat. Even the most laid-back bride can lose her cool with the stress leading up to the wedding. But hey, it’s your big day, and all the attention will be on you and your groom. However, despite all the pampering and attention there are five things you should never complain about regardless of how stressed you may be.

1. The Bachelorette Party

Granted it might not be exactly your style, and maybe you asked for a simple get together and your bridesmaids have organised a major event. But now is not the time to complain about such things. If your bridesmaids have gone out of their way to organise something for you, best not be a spoilsport and ruin it. Just enjoy it!

2. The Groom Being Totally Uninvolved or Extremely Involved

Some grooms have very little interest in the colour scheme of the wedding flowers, and some grooms are extremely particular about these details. You should avoid complaining about either. It’s better to accept that that’s the way they are and avoid disagreements about small details. Sure these details make up your wedding, but in essence the wedding is a celebration of the both of you – be sure to remember this!

3. A Guest’s Gift

It is not uncommon to receive gifts that you just don’t like. But you should never complain about them. If your guest has taken the time to pick something they think would suit you, accept the gesture. Not everyone has your taste or has the means to purchase something you value.

4. Unexpected Guests

Chances are your cousin will bring his unexpected girlfriend to the wedding, your parents will invite the couple that owns the corner store down the road or your aunt’s sister’s first cousin from overseas will turn up. Stay calm and collected. It is not worth complaining about and adding major stress to an already stressful occasion. Just as there will be unexpected turn-ups there will be unexpected turndowns and things will naturally work it themselves out.

5. A Vendor (beyond reason)

If you’ve signed a contract and your vendor has not complied with said contract it’s only natural to complain. But complaining about them beyond reason, all over social media is definitely not cool. If you have a problem with a service (or lack thereof) send them an email or give them a call. And don’t complain about the little things, it’s not easy making sure everything goes to plan.


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