5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Rainy Wedding Day

We believe there’s no such thing as a disastrous Wedding day and are here to help you stay calm when the weather fails you.

Our 5 step guide to prepare for a rainy Wedding day will guarantee an eventful ceremony goes to plan without the need for postponing!

1. Talk to the Venue

Yes, bad weather will occur but it’s always safe to know that everyone feels your pain.

Speaking with the venue and your photographer could help with those last minute rain ideas. What can they do? A lot.

A venue will create a back-up plan for you of where the reception can be if it’s raining outside. They can also provide with the use of umbrellas and shelter.

Your photographer will always know the A-Z of good and bad lighting. This can be said for the weather too. Simply have your photographer scout for creative places indoors to shoot since you want that dress looking glamourous before the ceremony.

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2. Keep Guests Posted

Any changes you make to the reception, even the location because of the rain, be sure to tell your guests!

Keep them in the loop and communication is vital. You wouldn’t want to lose your attendees.

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3. Hair

We already know waterproof mascara is a must!

Of course, we pray it won’t rain but last-minute beauty changes might be essential. Have you considered a beautifully messy bun or relaxed flower crown? These hairstyles are perfect for preventing anything frizzy or falling.

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Image: Sweet Grass Wed


4. Umbrellas

Your Wedding Guests will always need to step outside.

This could be a good reason to try something festive or cute with your umbrella. A photographer can definitely help with the creativity!

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Image: Bespoke Bride


5. Stay Calm!

Whatever happens, stay composed.

At the end of the day, it’s just rain. We do realise it’s your Wedding day, but try to make the most of it. Remaining positive is the best way and will give away good vibes to your guests.

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Feature image via An opulent Wedding celebration – Inlighten Photography

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