Let’s be honest, there’s no point in going all out on florals, spending a fortune on the gorgeous lighting and taking months to decide on the perfect table centrepieces, when they’re not even photographed  (because if it never happened on Instagram, it never happened…right?).

Although your photographer will capture your Big Day, one camera is never enough. Every single guest is a potential secondary photographer, you just need to be smart about how you collect all the pics.

We’ve rounded five clever ways to get everyone’s snaps from your wedding, so you won’t miss a moment!

1. Hashtagging

Setting up a hashtag is a really simply way to compile your wedding photos in one place. All it takes is providing wedding guests with a hashtag for the day, whether it  be you and your partner’s initials (#AJWedding) or a combination of your names (#Brangellina, #Kimye anyone?). Whatever you choose, steer clear of any complex hashtags, because guests won’t want to spend 10 minutes trying to type your hashtag correctly before posting!

Our insider tip is to put place cards on each table reminding your guests to use the hashtag when they upload any pics from your wedding.


2. Texting

Unfortunately, not everyone at the wedding will be into social media (we know, crazy!); so you definitely need a back-up plan. To ensure you don’t miss out on your anti-Instagrammer’s pics, create a WhatsApp, Viber or text message number that your guests can privately send their photos to. This way everyone can share their images.

3. At your Disposal

Who said old school is over? Provide a disposable camera for your guests, asking them to snap away throughout the night and leave on the table before they leave. Not only will this guarantee every photo from your special day, but it captures the quirky and fun side of all your guests. If you’re considering this option, make sure the lighting is bright because we’ve all experience those grainy, unidentifiable images and they ain’t cute.


4. App It

Perhaps you don’t want your wedding day to dominate on social media, or maybe you would like to review the photos before they’re uploaded to the public. There are mobile apps like Wedding Party and Wedpics that are specifically designed for your guests to easily upload all their snaps privately to an album for you to review them and choose whether to make public.

5. Snap Happy

A photo-booth brings out the fun and spontaneous character in each and every one of us and adds a special touch to any joyous occasion. Organise the photo-booth to print out several copies for your guests to take home and for you to see all the snaps by the end of the night.



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