5 Simple Sentimental DIYs For Your Wedding

Sometimes amongst the stress of wedding planning, we lose sight of why we’re having a wedding in the first place: love. Go back to basics by incorporating some wholesome DIY projects (or as we like to call it here at Wedded Wonderland, Do-It-Your-Way projects) into your special day. They can help your budget stretch that extra mile and add unique elements to your wedding. Did we also mention, they’re super fun?

If you missed out on seeing WW Director Wendy El-Khoury on Studio 10 today, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to personalise your wedding day.

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Bouquet Table Pieces


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One of the easiest ways to minimise costs is to reuse bridesmaids bouquets and ceremony flowers at the reception. Why leave these gorgeous (not to mention expensive) flowers at the church when they can continue to be enjoyed at the reception? If you have fishbowls on the bridal table, simply fill them with water so the floral arrangements can be placed in them. Voilà ! They create an instant wow factor for a fraction of the price.

Wine Not?

DIY Wine Bottle

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Take the upcycling to the next level by thrifting your own table numbers. Wedding planning is a stressful task and we can only assume a few bottles of rosé have been consumed to help alleviate that stress. Fish these bottles out of the recycling, give them a wash and use them! They can make great table numbers and the options for DIYs are endless. You can paint them, wrap them in twine or even cut them. If that isn’t your style, another idea is to customise your own wine bottles. Choose your favourite bottle of wine and replace the label with your names, the wedding date or a favourite quote. The conversation will flow very easily once the special bottles are cracked open.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Surprising your guests is a great way to entertain them. Get people talking and reminiscing by having photos from their weddings on the reception tables. Collect wedding photos from your guests prior to the wedding, print them out and frame them. Your special day will be a strong reminder of their special day too. This small gesture will get the conversation flowing and your guests will really appreciate the trip down memory lane. We’re not superstitious, but being surrounded by examples of love has to be a good omen for your wedding day.

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Studio 10

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

DIY Mirror

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Mirrors are a great decoration piece for any occasion. They add a touch of elegance and can be used for many different things. Our favourite idea is to use them as a sign to help guide your guests to the wedding. Simply find an old mirror, cover the glass with newspaper, and spray paint the frame whatever colour you wish. If you don’t have a mirror handy, a trip to your local Salvos will be able to fix that. Op-shops can be a treasure trove for bespoke wedding accessories. Once complete, you can use a marker to write your own message on the glass. This is a great project for a bride and groom to do together because if you can withstand a couples’ DIY, your marriage can withstand anything.

Flying Solo

DIy Centre Piece

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If you’re really crafty, why not try DIYing your own centrepieces. There are really no rules to this one; the aim is creativity. If you’re stuck for ideas, we love orchids suspended in a tall vase of water. Small bunches of cheaper flowers and foliage can seem larger if styled the right way. Vases and candles are also a great way to play with height when creating a centrepiece. Just remember, your masterpiece shouldn’t obstruct the guests’ view or stifle conversation. Place everything on a gorgeous tray and you’re done. Who said beautiful couldn’t be done on a budget?

Written by Sarah Mourtos

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