Although your wedding gown will be fitted to perfection (hello, couture!), have you thought about how to ensure your leading man’s suit is just as tailored? There really is a lot to be said about a custom-made suit. Not only will your man feel comfortable on the Big Day, but he’s guaranteed to wear it again and again.

To avoid a mistake of manly proportions, we spoke with dapper couturier, Alex Goodman on the 5 biggest signs the groom’s suit doesn’t fit.


1. Shoulder Indents

The shoulder seam of the groom’s jacket should correspond with the natural width of his shoulder. Look closely at the shoulder seam as it shouldn’t have an indent and if it does, the suit is too small. If the shoulder pad is protruding over the natural shoulder line, it’s a sign that it’s too big.

2. Belly Bulge

The midsection (stomach) area should be as trim as possible, as this will avoid stress wrinkles on the suit. If your groom is wearing a two-button suit, the top button should be aligned at the narrowest point of the torso. A good way to test the fit is to button it up and pull the jacket away from the stomach. You should be able to fit an open palm into the space between the jacket and stomach.

3. Sleeve Length

A jacket sleeve should show 1.5cm of shirt cuff and the sleeve of the jacket should be trim enough that it stops at the base of the hand, where the thumb meets the wrist. Your groom will need to move around throughout the night, so constructing the shirt sleeve with a little extra fabric will help him embrace you… or reach for another glass of wine.2

4. Jacket Length

Get your beau to stand with his arms by his side. The suit jacket should be even with his knuckles.

5. Trouser Hem

Generally the rule is that the hem of the trousers finishes one inch above the base of the 1 inch of break at the base of the shoe.

Alex Goodman combines bespoke tailoring for the groom with unrivalled experience and service, giving grooms that opportunity to completely control their look and style on the wedding day.

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