We all know that girls can be complicated, but boys can be just as complex; especially when it comes to working out when he’s going to propose.It could be a slight change in mood, his sudden urge to save money or his unusual interest in the type of jewellery you like…
To help you decode ‘man-speak’, we’ve spoken to our past real brides to find out what the most common signs that their BAE was about to put a ring on it!

1. Sizing up

Let’s face it, there’s no other reason your boyfriend would want to know the size of your finger, other than to put some bling on it. Has he tried tying string around your finger (yes, this has actually happened)? Has he tried to sneak a ring from your jewellery box? Brace yourself, he might be planning the ultimate proposal. Best to keep your hands on point at this time, manicure, lotion and all!


2. Four C’s

So you can never, EVER drag him into your favourite jewellery store and his facial expression while your shopping is one of sheer mortification; but suddenly, he’s the one dragging you into every store, trying to suss out your every style and taste.

He might be considering the four C’s … cut, colour, clarity and carat, before dishing out some serious cash on the perfect engagement ring.

3. Bache-later!

Saturday evening he gets a phone call from his best mate asking him into the city for drinks, but then, he declines… and you can’t believe what your hearing! This, my ladies, is a potential sign he’s ready to settle down and take the next step.

If he’s swapping bachelor parties at Vegas, poker nights and drinks for cuddles, movies, popcorn, then you know something is up and you might be sporting some serious finger bling sometime soon.


4. Money Talks

Your boyfriend used to spend up big on clothes, nights on the town and cars, but now he’s turned into a serious scrooge, passing up dinner invites and shopping trips left, right and centre.  

Engagement rings can be a costly purchase, so he might just be saving his spare dollars to get you the diamond you deserve.

5. Out of Character

Has he been moodier than a teenage girl with PMS? Don’t take it too personally. Ask any man about the one of the most daunting time of their lives and it will most likely be the lead up to the proposal. It’s bound to make him nervous, sweaty, and jittery and throw his emotions into complete turmoil.

Cut him some slack; when you finally feast your eyes upon the special ring, it’ll all be worth it.



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