Luckily, our Wedded Wonderland Fairy Godmothers are here to save the day. I got the secrets to walking down the aisle straight from the brides who’ve been married recently.

1. Put down the champagne

The morning of your wedding day, you are going to be a nervous wreck, and most brides deal with this by downing a few champers. Although the bubbles will calm you down, they can make the aisle walk tricky. Limit yourself to one glass of champagne before the wedding and use juice or sparkling water to hydrate you instead.

2. Measure the aisle

Before the wedding, measure the width of the aisle. There’s no point trying to navigate down this pesky path with your Father and your princess gown if there’s only enough room for a supermodel and her celery stick to fit.

3. Choose shoes wisely

I would advise you to go with low-heeled shoes, but we all know that’s NEVER going to happen. If you’re going for a sky-high heel, practice walking in them before your big day and stock up on blister protectors and feet pad inserts. My tip is, if you need help stepping into your heels, they’re too high.

4. Hem your gown

If your wedding gown is too long, you automatically quadriple your chances of tripping over throughout the day. For your final fittings, make sure you bring along your wedding shoes so that the tailor can adjust the hem accordingly.

5. Slow it down

When you walk, your dress will float out as you step and hit your shin as you bring your foot down. Wait until the gown has hit your shin before taking the next step. This will stop you ever tripping over the dress and it will help you time your trip down the aisle to ensure it’s more of a stroll than a sprint.

Bonus Tip:

Hold your bouquet lower. It will feel unnatural, but the bouquet should be held down near your public bone, not up near your cleavage. Holding the bouquet lower looks more elegant and shows of your killer décolletage!


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