5 rules you need to know if you’re having an uneven Bridal party

Believe it or not, it can be tricky, sometimes impossible for you and the Groom to agree on the number of people you want in your Bridal party, but don’t stress! If it looks like you’ll have an uneven number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, simply follow our tips and your Wedding day will run smoothly.

1. The Aisle

Don’t be concerned about matching the Bridal party up for the aisle walk, there are so many other options! Consider having every Bridal party member walk the aisle alone, of ask the extra Bridesmaid or Groomsmen to escort the pageboy and flowergirl down the aisle.


2. The Ceremony

When you’re all standing at the front of the ceremony while you and your hubby make your vows, all eyes will be on the Bridal party. If you’ve got one less Bridesmaid than you do Groomsman, ask your girlfriends to space themselves a little further apart than the guys (and vice versa if you’ve got one less Groomsman)

3. The Photographs

Get creative with the Wedding photography poses. Instead of having Bridesmaids on one side of you and Groomsmen on the other, stagger them. It’s even better if you can use seats or benches with some of you sitting and others standing – as this will make it less obvious that there are uneven numbers.


4. The Bridal Table

To avoid the uneven number looking obvious on the Bridal table, we recommend opting for a circular table, or a u-shaped table format. The traditional long table will make the discrepancy in Bridesmaids and Groomsmen more obvious.

5. The Dance Floor

If you’re inviting the Bridal party to join you and your Groom on the dance floor, but have unequal numbers, ask one of them to dance with the flowergirl or pageboy. If this isn’t possible, why not suggest they dance with the mother or father of the Bride?


Images from Layla and Matthew’s Wedding. Photography by Inlighten Photography.

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