5 Reasons Why Lebanese Drums Are A Must Have At Your Wedding

Your Wedding night is a night that you will remember forever, it’s the night you celebrate Marrying your best friend and the beginning of the rest of your lives together. So how will you make it as memorable for your guest as it will be for you?

Entertainment is a must at you’re Wedding Reception, but knowing what Entertainment is best for your Wedding can be difficult, do you get a Dj, a singer, a band, or perhaps all of the above?

If we are being honest there is only one option that will make an unforgettable night that much more special – Drums! In Particular Lebanese Drums, Trust us you will not regret it.

1. Getting the Party Started

Lebanese Drummers following you down the aisle is the best way to enter your Wedding that will have everyone on their feet dancing from the moment you walk in, but who says the party has to stop there.

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Image Via:Siempreweddings

2. Putting on an Unforgettable Show

Lebanese Drummers have been in high demand over the last few years, they’re the perfect way to get your wedding started. As they become more popular drummers have gone above and beyond to create an unforgettable show for you and your guest as they perform their own in sync choreography while you and your guests dance to the beat of the drum.

3. Dancing to the Beat of the Drums

If you are having a Traditional Lebanese Wedding then you will definitely be having Traditional Arabic music, and what better duo than to have everyone dancing and shaking their hips to the beat of the drums, whilst singing their favourite Arabic songs.

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Photographer: Mark J Photography

4. Perfect for Every Wedding

I know what you’re thinking, what if I’m not Lebanese are drums still a good idea. The answer is simple YES! Lebanese drums aren’t just for Lebanese Weddings, they are perfect for every culture and every type of music the Drummers are amazing at catering for each individual Wedding.

5. A Live Band & Drums = The Perfect Team

Lebanese Drums are an amazing way to bring the wow factor to your big night. If you really want your wedding night to go above and beyond expectations, adding a live band and singer to your drummers make the ultimate team and will having everyone in the reception shaking their hips.

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Photographer: Mark J Photography

Feature Image Photography: Alex Marks

Written By Jamal Mohamad

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