5 Quirky Things Stylish Couples Have in Common

We can probably thank Gigi and Zayn, and even Kim and Kanye for their stylish collaboration habits, but for those who have experienced couples who opt for the matchy-matchy look, it begs the question, coincidence?

Even though we can’t diss their style code, there seems to be an unwritten law when it comes to the importance of style. Allow us to demonstrate with five quirky things fashion-conscious couples take into serious consideration.


1. The Synergy Effect

You know when the light colour of a dress can pick up the lightness of a shirt? That’s synergy.

When stylish couples wear neutral or dark tones head-to-toe, then ‘matchiness’ doesn’t come off as cute. This is what they want to achieve.

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Image via GlamRadar

2. The Checkerboard

If you both love the same style, you can avoid looking like twins by playing the checkerboard game. When he decides to wear a denim jacket with black jeans, why not add a denim bottom to your favourite black blouse.

Image via HelloFashionBlog

3. The Couple-Complement

What is the secret to a happy and stylish couple? They acknowledge each other’s outfits. Of course, being nice and complementing keeps that relationship burning bright.

Couple | Rocker Style:

Image via Jo and Kemp

4. The Compatible Style

Finding common ground in the form of trends is important. While stylish couples are highly fashion conscious, if you’re with someone who enjoys the same funk, punk or hipster views, then high fives all around.

Image via GQ

5. The Not Everyday

When they get tired of dressing alike, these couples know when to keep things simple. During winter, a stylish man will opt for his favourite printed coat that defines his tastes, while a stylish woman will choose her casual black getup and suede boots.

Image via Where to Get it


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