Congrats, you’ve been graced with the task of planning the bachelorette party for your bestie! Besides the issue of what to wear, there’s one other big problem; you’ve never organised one before.

Hustle-up Fairies, we’ve answered your five biggest hen’s night questions – and you didn’t even have to ask!

1. Who Do I Invite?

This question can be a problematic one. Do I invite mothers? Do I invite sisters? Do I invite girls who HAVEN’T been invited to the wedding? Although you think you may be restricted, you can actually invite all of the above. The hen’s night is the perfect time to bring the bride’s extended girl squad together. It really depends on two things: how much you want to spend on catering/venue and the type of wedding the bride is having. If your bride had to cut the invite list because of her budget, you could consider inviting the girls who weren’t invited. Let them know the reason the bride couldn’t invite them along to the reception and reiterate how much she would love to party with them at the hen’s.


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 2. Is The Bride Supposed To Know The Plans?

This all depends on the bride! Some brides want to know every detail of their night; some might even want to organise it themselves! Ask your bestie whether she has any specifications and check if she wants to be surprised before booking anything.

3. Where Do We Go?

A night out on the town or a quiet girl’s night at home? Dinner at a fancy restaurant or the bride’s favourite cheap-eats? The possibilities really are endless. Think about what the bride would prefer and that will give you a basic idea of how the night will run. There are clubs that have private rooms specifically for hen’s night shenanigans, or maybe one of the other bridesmaids has a gorgeous home that would be great for entertaining. If your bestie loves surprises, you can always pretend that you’re having a quiet dinner and instead hit the dance floor!


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4. What Do We Do?

That depends entirely on where you decide to go. If you have a private room, there are hens’ party games that you can conjure up. If you’re at home, a box full of embarrassing questions that the bride has to answer is always fun (think: an adult version of truth or dare). Some people decide to opt out of a crazy drunken night and instead book a cocktail making course followed by champagne served by topless waiters. This leads us to the last and most important question…

5. Do We Need Male Entertainment?

Is it really a hen’s night without a buff young man strutting his way around a group of wild woman? Once again it depends completely on the bride. If she’s adamant that there be eye-candy, it’s probably a good idea to make her wish come true. If she’s impartial, you can seriously consider skipping the male company and opting for a girl’s-only night – pillow fight, anyone?


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