5 parts of your Wedding that you should never post about on social media

As you know, we at Wedded Wonderland LOVE social media. We spend hours trawling Instagram for incredible real Weddings, days scrolling through Facebook feeds to bring you the latest couture designers and WAY too much time on Twitter finding out the latest celebrity buzz; however there are some elements of Wedding planning that we’re told you should never post on social media.

1. The Family Drama

Every family has its mini scandal and it’s highly unlikely you’ll make it through the Wedding planning process, or even the Wedding Day without any family drama. Whatever you do Brides, don’t share this on social media – whether it’s a thinly-veiled whinge about your mother-in-law, or a full-blown rant about your sister, keep it to yourself.

2. Your Relationship

The occasional sweet #LovedUp post about your Groom is totally fine, but when it comes to sharing intimate details of your relationship, we recommend you DON’T. Some things are best kept between you and your hubby, especially when they involve ex-girlfriends, embarrassing bowel movements and weird habits.

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3. Budget Issues

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; you will have trouble keeping to your Wedding budget – in fact most Brides-To-Be spend $30,000 more on their Wedding than what they initially hoped.  We all feel your pain, but posting a long-winded essay about the Wedding money woes will not make you popular among friends. #FirstWorldProblem

4. Lingerie Shoots

OK, so some might say that post your boudoir shoot is a bit of an overshare, but this one has us divided. If you’re keen to show off your lingerie photo-shoot, go ahead and post, but just make sure it’s not too racy – the sexiest pics should be for the Groom’s eyes only!

5. On The Day

We recommend that on your Wedding Day, you put down the smartphone and let your guests do all the posting. We’re all a bit too attached to social media and we’d hate for you to miss out on your Big Day because you’re too busy uploading pics and Tweeting. If you really want to do a post, ask a friend or Bridesmaid to upload one on your behalf.

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