Thought you had the whole marriage thing down pat after the ‘I Do’? Think again! Before you and your hubby can start the rest of your life make sure you do all of the following.

1. Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned and Stored

Your beautiful gown has been through just as much as you have on your wedding day, food, alcohol and makeup to name a few. So before you do anything, take it to the dry cleaners to give it the relaxing spa it needs and find the perfect place to store it away from prying eyes other than your own!


Image from Rasha and Sayed’s wedding. Photography by Candid Image.

2. Match A Present To A Person

A present table is many things, but organised is not one of them. Cards are placed all over the place, sometimes not with their respective presents and this can lead to mayhem come the day after. Take some time to go through all of the presents you and your hubby have received and as best as you can, match them to a person who gifted them and WRITE IT DOWN. This is an easy system that will track all the information you need to send out the thank you cards!

3. Change Your Name

If you are indeed taking your husband’s last name over your own, you’ll have to change it yourself. Make sure you have all the necessary documents before you go in to avoid any unnecessary travelling to and fro. Once you’ve changed you name, don’t forget to also change your drivers license and your passport! Otherwise you’re honeymoon may turn into a visa nightmare.


Image from Storm and Xerxes’ wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

4. Merge Your Bank Accounts

If the decision has been made to join accounts, a trip to the bank to get them merged is the next tick on the list (although if you’re like us and like a bit of shopping you may want to keep one bank account to yourself!).

5. Order your photos

Now the big day is over, you’ll want to re-live it again; it’s time to contact your photographer and order some photos! Organise a catch up with your photographer for a debrief and exclusive look at some of the best moments of your wedding.


Image from Chelsea and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Simon Peter Taylor

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