When you’re planning your Wedding, almost everyone, from high school friends to distant relatives and colleagues, become ‘experts’ trying to give you advice. Although it can be well-meaning, it can also lead you astray and just add unnecessary stress.

We’ve debunked five of the most common lies we’ve heard about planning your Wedding.

1. You Don’t Need a DJ

Yes, hiring a DJ is an extra cost, but we promise, you won’t regret it. Opting for an iPod playlist just won’t cut it on the night if you want everyone on the dance floor. A DJ is paid to know what songs work and what won’t and they’ll be able to read the mood of the crowd to keep them excited all night long.

2. It’s the Little Things That Matter

Let’s be real; it’s the big things that matter. Your vows, your guests, the food and drinks, the dress and entertainment are the biggest parts of the Wedding, so focus the majority of time and energy (and budget!) into these. The small details will tie everything together, but don’t let a mis-matched centrepiece ruin your Big Day. If you are truly worried about the finer details, you NEED a Wedding Planner on your side.

3. You Need to Add <insert distant cousin> to Your Guest List

If you don’t feel comfortable inviting someone to your Wedding – don’t! We understand that this can be tricky when parents are footing the bill, but it all comes down to an honest conversation. If you feel that strongly about your guest list, opt for a smaller Wedding that you and your fiancé pay for – that way you can determine exactly who makes the cut.

4. You Need at Least 12 Months to Plan

All Weddings are different. If you’re having an intimate 50 person brunch, you could probably pull it off within four months; however if you’re looking at an 800 person dinner soiree at the most popular venue in the state, you’ll probably need at least two years. The earlier you start, the better; but don’t let the ’12-month’ lie rule your life.

5. Mentioning ‘Wedding’ Will Up the Price

This has been thrown around the industry for far too long and it’s simply not true. Whether you order a white rose for a birthday party or for a Wedding, it’s going to cost the same. If you hire centrepieces, it doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate function or a Reception, it’s the same. Don’t be tempted to ask your cake baker rudely ‘well, how much would it cost if it was for a birthday?’ The exact same cake costs the exact same amount; it just so happens that Wedding cakes tend to be more intricate and require more detailing.

6. Hiring an Empty Space is Cheaper Than a Traditional Venue

It may seem romantic and unique to book a barn or creative space for your venue. You get total control over who you’ll hire for catering and you’lll save money… right? Nope. Generally it ends up costing about the same (if not more) as booking a traditional venue (with in-house food, styling, etc), but it takes so much more time to arrange. You’ve got to book caterers, bar staff, furniture and dinnerware – and you’ve got to coordinate it all.

Main image from Helen and Daniel’s Wedding. Photography by Matthew Mead Photography.

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