5 Items You Need to Include in Your Bridal Clutch​

Your Wedding day is fast approaching and you’re ticking everything off your checklist to make sure you have everything organised for the Wedding and one of your last thoughts is probably your bridal clutch. Although you probably won’t be holding it throughout the day, you will need a clutch with a few essentials to avoid any Wedding Day meltdowns.

If you’re thinking what could I possibly be forgetting to put in my Wedding Day clutch, we have you covered with a list of everything you need to include.

Happy Wedding Day Fairies 🙂

Lip Balm/ Lip stick

We all know that you’ll be greeting a lot of people with a kiss and also trying fit in a time to eat in between all the craziness of the Wedding Day, so the last thing you need is for your lips to go dry and all your lipstick to come off so make sure to pack some lippie!


You’ll be moving about all day, you’re likely to sweat a little, so avoid any embarrassing smells with some perfume or deodorant.

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If your a Wedded Wonderland bride you’ve your time of the month is probably completely planned not to fall on the week of your Wedding BUT things happen that you can’t control, so better safe then sorry.

Gum or Mints

You and your partner will be sharing kisses all throughout the day, so make sure you’re prepared with a few mints for both you or him to avoid any smelly breath situations.

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Just in case you’re a crier bring a few tissues in your clutch, in case you can’t control your self when its time for speeches or whether you find yourself crying of happiness throughout the whole day, the tissues are also perfect for blotting your face making sure your makeup doesn’t look shiny or oily.

And there you have it Fairies, very simple but very necessary essentials to pack in your Wedding Day clutch!

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Written By Jamal Mohamad

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