Let’s be honest, the flowers are one of the most beautiful, but expensive parts of the Wedding day and the last thing you want to do is throw them out after the reception.

We’ve spoken to past Brides to get their ingenious ideas on what to do with your flowers after the Wedding.

1. Use Them as Gifts

Use the flowers as take-home gifts for your guests. Whether you choose to use the flowers to bulk up your Wedding favours, or even instead of your Wedding favours, simply ask the stylist to make mini bunches of the flowers from the ceremony and then hand them out to guests at the reception.

2. Dry Them

Preserve your flowers by drying them out and popping them into a shadowbox frame. Dry whole bouquets by hanging them upside down, or individual buds by pressing them in a heavy book.

3. Leave Them with a Loved One

This is a sentimental way to include a loved one who’s passed away in your Wedding. After the Wedding, you and your hubby can go and place the flowers at the grave, leaving them with a special piece from your Big Day.

4. Donate Them

Call a local charity, hospital or nursing home and offer to give the flowers to someone less fortunate. The organisation may come and pick them up straight from the reception, or alternatively, you can ask your Bridesmaids to deliver them for you the day after the Wedding.

5. Turn Them into Jewellery

There are a number of companies who can turn the Wedding flowers into beads and jewellery. One gorgeous idea is to create rosary beads or a necklace that your first child can wear at their Christening or first birthday.

Main image from Novia and Agungs’ wedding. Photography by Le’ Motion Photo.

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