5 Duties Every Best Man and Groomsman Need to Know!

The duties of a Groomsman and Best Man are plentiful, but sometimes they can be overlooked!

However, we’ve come to the rescue with a list of duties every Best man and Groomsman should know about. Read it, acknowledge it and send it through to your man!


1. Plan the bachelor party

The first step is to choose an activity. Just remember not to do anything too dangerous. Thinking away from strippers, there are definitely other activities that will unleash your testosterone and get your heart pumping.

Why not consider the ideas below?

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2. Getting fitted for a suit

A grueling task for any man is the numerous visits to the tailor. The best way is to always plan ahead and negotiate with the Bride on colour schemes that could match her Bridesmaids gowns.

Whether his buying or renting, the best man is responsible for showing up to the appointment and making sure the other Groomsmen do as well.

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3. The rehearsal church ceremony and dinner

No rehearsal is complete with the myriad of men.

The introduction and pairing of Groomsmen with Bridesmaids is important as well as going over the wedding day itinerary.

Things need to be taken seriously when conducting a practice run before the big day. The best man and groomsmen know they will be the centre of attention at the church and maintaining a bright smile is always essential.

What Are The Groomsmen Duties?

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4. Before the ceremony

Keep that groom calm!

Dressing before the ceremony surrounded by photographers and family will be stressful. Men may think they can keep it together but nothing is so important than taking care of the Groom.

Heading over to the ceremony is the time where you can breathe and regain control. No funny business is to occur at the church.

Another helpful tip, make sure the groom has all his luggage and passport information before he heads off on his honeymoon.

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5. At the reception

Here is where the best man really shines!

During the reception, the Groomsmen will be entering and dancing with the Bridesmaids. When it comes to the toast, the best man would have prepared a long, entertaining speech in regards to his long friendship with the groom. Nothing too raunchy.

When the wedding is finally complete, make it an obligation to pick up the grooms suit and take it to the dry cleaners or hire store. Nothing is better than an organised groomsman who can errands with ease.

Photo of a Destination Wedding

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