Driven by the desire to DIY, but don’t want to blow the budget? Here are five ideas that will make your wedding stand-out and still leave you with enough money in the bank so you can splurge on those Manolo’s you’ve been eyeing off.

1. Test Tube Tea Wedding Favours

Not only do these look super pretty on a table, but you can be as creative as you like with the filling! We love the idea of topping the tubes with different flavours of tea. Add a slogan on the tube such as “The Perfect Blend” (because everyone likes a pun) and sip away!


Image from customfavours.com

2. Black Board Signage

Instead of spending money on blackboards, make one yourself! Buying a blackboard sign outright can be exxy (especially if you want a large one) and they are all the same boring colour and shape. Instead, head to your local hardware store and purchase some blackboard paint (it comes in an array of colours), then pick a cheap frame with a beautiful engraved border and voila – black(board) magic!


Image from ruffledblog.com | Image from hgtv.com

3. Wine-ing Centrepieces

Got a few wine bottles left over from the hen’s night? Don’t throw them in the recycling just yet! You can turn them into beautiful centrepieces. Simply paint them (metallics are always a safe option) and add a taper candle.


 Image from broken.loveitsomuch.com| Image from jsorelleblog.com | Image from broken.loveitsomuch.com

4. Backdrop

A stunning backdrop can double as a screen to break up areas of the reception area, we well as serve as a great photo station. For this backdrop, all you need is wax paper, matchsticks, string and ribbon. Get the full tutorial from StyleMePretty.


Image from stylemepretty.com

5. Polaroid Cake Toppers

These personalised cake toppers are a piece of cake to make. Get some cute snaps of you and your hubby, frame them up and presto – cheap, but sweet toppers.

cake topper

Image from allyouneedisloveevents.com


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