5 Cool Perks Of Being An Aunty

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What’s not to love about being an aunty? You get to do the fun jobs without the responsibility of dealing with tantrums and staying up at night with a crying baby. You get to return that little bundle of joy right back to its parents when the day’s festivities get to be a little too much.

Let’s not forget you’ll be privy to extraordinary tales from your nieces and nephews who may not want to share the finer details with their parents or friends. And there’s something refreshing and eye-opening about spending quality time with children, listening to their concerns and opinions — they’ll always be completely honest!

Here’s why we think being an aunty is one of the coolest jobs out there. Do you agree?


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We Get To Be Personal Shoppers!

Have you tried to wander through the kid’s section of a clothes store without falling in love with a miniature outfit? It’s impossible! This is your chance to live out your dream of being a fashion stylist, contributing to your niece’s and nephew’s wardrobe.


We’re Always Entertained

Be it the free artwork you’re set to receive, or having someone to blame for the juice you just spilt — kids are a lot of fun to have around. Although a few would admit, everyone likes to dress up in costume and go to a child’s birthday party – ice cream cake anyone? Simply, they’re just adorable, and can entertain you from days on end. If your desperate for plans, why not head back home and watch a movie with the kids? Sure beats sitting at home in your underwear – that’s the children’s job!


We Learn To Be A Parent

Being a parent is no fun picnic, ask your sibling. There comes a time where we’ve dreamt of picket fences with green lawns, and once we see first-hand what goes on indoors, we come running out. Dirty diapers to raised voices, being an aunty is considered great practice for future plans.


We Help Them Grow

No child wants to run home to their parents with trouble and distress. Sometimes the job of an aunt consists of counselling, and a little juicy gossip thrown in for fun. As they grow, your niece or nephew will trust you to keep their secrets better than anyone. Plus, you don’t have the responsibility to pressure the child for their mistakes, making you the good guy!


We Are Kids Again!

Are you ready for some nostalgia? Sitting on the floor and drinking from coloured tumblers while watching cartoons will bring back some fond memories as you make new ones with your nieces and nephews. It’s probably the only time in our lives where we don’t need to complain or worry about a thing. Remember, you have no responsibility!


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