Miss World is the longest running international beauty pageant and every year, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be some stiff (toned and contoured) competition. So, when we got the opportunity to speak to one of this year’s finalists, Melbourne-based Taylor Poore about how she (and the other girls) get competition ready, we knew we had to share the beauty queen’s tips with our Brides-to-Be!


1.  Don’t Starve Yourself

“One of the worst things a Bride-to-Be or Miss World contestant can do before the Big Day is starve themselves,” says Taylor, “Not only will it affect your mood, but it’ll increase your chances of breaking down and binge-eating on the naughty stuff you’ve been trying to avoid.” When you deny your body the nutrients it needs, it can go into shock and can actually end up bloating you! Taylor advises that you listen to your body and when it craves something sweet, reach for natural goodies like dates, pears or energy balls instead of chocolate. Opt for high-protein meals like chicken, salad and omelettes and steer clear of processed food. Eat small regular meals, so that you keep your energy levels up (you’ll need it)!

2. Light Exercise

Believe it or not, doing heavy exercise right before competition is a bad idea – and it’s the same with your Wedding! Introducing weights or starting an intense cardio work-out can lead to muscle strain or tearing, which is the last thing you need on the Big Day. Taylor swears by HYPOXI, a low-impact exercise which is up to three-times more effective at burning fat than traditional exercise. Taylor completed just six sessions (each session she spent 20-minutes in the HYPOXI Dermology machine which was like an all-over body massage that significantly reduces cellulite and then 30-minutes lightly cycling in the L250 machine which is a pressured chamber) and lost 15cm from her hips, butt and thighs! She explains, “HYPOXI was a quick and easy way to move stubborn fat from my problem areas and I’d recommend every girl go for a free trial. I noticed a difference in the skin tone on my legs after the first session!” (click here for your free trial).


3. Drink Up

In the week leading up to her competition, Taylor drinks between two and four litres of water every day. “Not only do I find that drinking the extra water makes my skin look great, but it also keeps me from snacking unnecessarily throughout the day,” she says. If you can’t stomach the thought of that much water every day, Taylor likes to make it more interesting by adding cucumber, strawberries or chia seeds to her drink explaining, “When you add the chia seeds to the water it makes the seeds plump and gives me a sneaky boost of fibre and protein!”

4. Skin TLC

Whatever you do, do not change up your skin care routine leading up to the Big Day, says Taylor. “It doesn’t matter what product you use, don’t try something new in the weeks before the competition, as you never know how your skin will react and breaking-out on the day is every girl’s worst nightmare,” she advises. Taylor recommends sticking to simple, natural and gentle products that won’t irritate or dry out your skin.

5. Sleep More, Stress Less

Taylor agrees that it can be stressful leading up to a competition and getting some extra sleep (especially the week before) is essential. However, if you do find that you’ve had a poor night’s sleep, Taylor’s cheap and quick trick is leave a few damp teabags in the fridge for at least half an hour, explaining “if you find that you’ve got bags under your eyes, grab the teabags and place them over your eyes for ten minutes; this will reduce any dark circles and puffiness!”

1Image courtesy of Miss World Australia. Photography by Hector CalaraPhotography

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Main image from the 2015 Grand Final of Miss World. Courtesy of AFP.

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