Photobooths have practically become a wedding staple, with bride and groom’s using them as a way to get candid snaps, entertain guests and create a social media buzz; so, to really make your Big Day stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to up your game.

Get ahead of the trends with these five ideas that will make your wedding insta-famous in no time.

1. Go Gif

Jpgs are so last year. The new way to snap you and your bridal party is through gifs. These are moving images that are made by snapping four or five images of you and your gang and then rotating them, so it looks like you’re moving. Social Playground has just launched their gif gif machine and it’s a must-book for weddings.

2. Include a Polaroid Border

These Polaroid borders are available on an Instagram Printer – a camera that takes snaps and instantly prints them out for guests! These images are also saved and provided to the bride and groom as files to keep. Polaroid-style pics are not only is this on-trend, but they’re a great keepsake for the guests, as well as the happy couple.2

3. Posse Poses

Increase your chance of a viral Instagram pic by gathering up your besties and pulling out a killer pose for the photobooth. Take inspiration from Taylor Swift and her glamorous girlfriends and practice your best pout. Once you’ve been snapped, upload to Insty and tag all of your besties.


Image from nypost.com

4. Living Props

We’ve never met a photobooth prop that we didn’t like, but this season, ditch the plastic glasses and nylon wigs and go for nature’s answer to the props – flowers! Colourful, textural and classic, flowers are the ultimate photobooth extra. If you’re tight on budget, you can use the flowers from the ceremony!

5. The Wedding Kiss

A photobooth snap of the bride and groom having a sneaky kiss is always going to be a social media winner.

Social Playground provide all the coolest photo experiences for your wedding or event. Combining printable pics with digital images, Social Playground offer Instagram printers, photobooths, gif machines and more!

Main image from Rayan and Ezzedine’s wedding. Photography by Filmography

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