Weddings are universal and believe it or not, your grandma ‘aint the only one who has some quirky tips up her sleeve!

The world always has something to share so if you find yourself in a beauty rut, then look no further than these five bridal beauty tips loved by girls from across the world!

1. Turkey

Who said roses are only for bouquets and styling? Turks’ love affair with roses sure doesn’t stop at Turkish delight! Rose water is believed to be a must-have for healthy, glowing skin! Fancy a DIY? Put some rose petals in boiling water and let it cool. Use the water as a toner, a heavenly fragrance or a refreshing facial spray to get you through wedding day jitters!4

2. India

India is a melting pot of colourful spices! One of the most popular is a yellow-orange spice called turmeric and the benefits of this bad boy are endless! Before the wedding day, it’s tradition for Indian and Pakistani brides to be painted from head to toe with a special paste made from turmeric, milk, flour, sandalwood and rosewater. Apart from the nutritional benefits, turmeric is famous for giving your body a soft and brightening glow.

3. Japan

Japanese women are renowned for their flawless porcelain skin and we’ve been told that the secret is camellia oil! In old times, geishas used this oil to cleanse and moisturise their faces. It promotes cell growth and is packed with anti-ageing factors; so ladies, stock up before your special day!6

4. Morocco

If a Moroccan hamman doesn’t make you squeal with excitement then we don’t know what will. In Middle Eastern culture, the bride’s special treatment starts months in advance with a purifying bathing regime that she takes every few weeks before the special day. This hamman involves all the best things in life: you closest girlfriends, aromatic scents, glistening candles, body oils and exquisite Morrocan architecture – it’s the ultimate luxury. It’s also the perfect way to keep yourself sane from all the pre-wedding stress.

5. Italy

The infamous wedding day pimple is an uninvited guest. Before you even think about popping your problem away, go Italiano – rub a clove of garlic on that little sucker. Garlic has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will sting (literally) it away.5

Main image from Bhavisha and Aditya’s wedding. Photography by Ferndara Creative

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