One of the biggest Wedding Day mistakes that Brides make is skipping breakfast. Because of nerves, they don’t feel hungry, so instead just reach for the champagne and orange juice to get them through the day.

Not only will you end up tipsy before you’ve even walked down the aisle, but your energy levels will slump and you’ll be lethargic and grumpy – not what any blushing Bride wants to be!

We spoke with Blogger and Nutritionist, Jessica Sepel to get her top picks that won’t bloat the Bride!

1. Papaya drizzled with lime juice

1Image from @nature delighted

2. Boiled egg with just a sprinkle of sea salt

3. A bowl of berries sprinkled with coconut

2Image from @naturedelighted

4. Rice cakes smashed with avocado or almond butter

5. Omelette with a side of avocado – avoid too much salt


Wedding images from Jessica’s Wedding. Photography by MaxPinitpong Photography.

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