The youngest member of the Bridal party may be the cutest, but is also the most volatile. She can be all smiles one-minute, then turn into a terror the next… who knows what side of them you will get on your Wedding Day?!

We’ve all witnessed the unpredictability of a toddler tantrum and it’s Murphy’s Law that there’ll be tears right before she’s meant to walk down the aisle.

Get prepared with these tips, which could prevent a flowergirl meltdown on your Big Day.

1. Keep Her Smiling

Wedding Days are long and tiring for an adult, let alone a child; she’s likely had to wake up early, been prodded and poked with makeup brushes and had to pose for photographs. Keep her happy by ensuring she’s had a good night’s sleep, giving her a delicious, healthy breakfast, making sure she has regular toilet breaks and has access to her favourite toys as this may prevent any tantrums.

2. Have a Parent Nearby

Make sure you have one of her parents with her at all times. Although this can be logistically tricky (you probably already have a makeup room filled with Bridesmaids), they know the little princess best and can avoid or sate any mini meltdowns. Also aim to have one of her parents stay with her at the back of the aisle (in case she needs some hand-holding before her big moment) and we recommend having the other parent sitting at the front of the aisle, to encourage her as she walks.

1Image from Helen and Trent’s Wedding. Photography by Image Play.

3. Have Bribes

We know that bribes are considered a no-no in the parenting world, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Have a few small treats (lollies, toys) on hand to use as bribing tools throughout the morning – just get the parent’s approval first.

4. Be Prepared to Lose Her

The very worst-case scenario is that your flowergirl will be too distressed to be part of the Wedding. If this is the case, the best solution is to take her out of the situation (ie. take her outside or out of the room), let her calm down and have be prepared to only use her in one or two scenarios. Know what moments are priority for your flowergirl (ie. walking down the aisle would be up there) and focus on getting her through those.


Main image from Stefanie and Steven’s Wedding. Photography by Shona Henderson Photography.

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