4 Times McDonald’s Played Cupid

We bet you thought the ice cream cakes were the best thing about a McDonald’s birthday, right?

Well, a Sydney couple has taken fast food parties to the next level by having their wedding there!

In fact, Sydney-based Chris King and Christine Cygan recently became the first Aussies to get married at McDonald’s. The couple entered holy Mac-trimony at the Warilla, Wollongong location after winning a location competition, and said they just wanted somewhere “nice and laidback, where the kids could just relax.”

With a menu that featured the restaurants gourmet burgers and a seating arrangement based on popular menu items (Who wouldn’t want to sit on the McFlurry Table!), the day was a little unconventional and a whole lot of fun.

However, it’s certainly not the only time Maccas has played cupid. Here are 4 other times the Golden Arches made an appearance on a bride’s special day.

The Couple Who Met At McDonald’s

Chris and Christine actually bonded over their love of burgers. In fact, the Paramedics’ first dates were midnight meals, during late shifts together. Talk about a McHappy meal!


The Couple Who Did A Drive Through

Last year, Zeina Chayna and her husband Gabriel stopped at the fast food joint in between the ceremony and reception, with customers slightly surprised to see a wedding party at the notoriously low-budget restaurant.

          Image via Paradise Pro Wedding Video & Photography


The Couple Who Served Their Guests Big Macs

Seniha and Ibrahim’s Wedding Day added a twist to their Turkish traditions by organising for delicious burgers to be presented to guests.

                                   Image via Image Haus


The Couple Who Relied On Ronald To Save The Day

Earlier this year, Melbourne couple Wendy Lam and Ben Bui were forced to do a Maccas run, after the food at their wedding reception failed to impress their 173 guests. The couple took the venue to court, complaining about the tiny portions of cold food on platters, without adequate cutlery and the experience did not meet their standards. And admitting that their “friends actually left to go to McDonald’s because there wasn’t enough food and they were still hungry,”

                                       Image via News


Cover photo by: @wavefm965

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