HD Brow Expert, Melissa Young believes that eyebrows have the power to transform your face and every brow is as individual as your fingerprint.

This makes it so important to have your eyebrows shaped and treated by a qualified eyebrow expert, who will be able to create the perfect brow each and every time.

One of the newest ways to achieve this is through HD Brows and we spoke to Melissa about the steps to achieving brow-perfection.

1. Consultation

The first step undertaken in my HD Brow treatments is the consultation. This is where I assess the shape of the client’s face and colouring. I work with my clients to understand their desired every day look and in turn allow each client to understand the importance of choosing a warm or cool tone to suit their skin and hair. The choice of colour will either make or break the finishing look, as using the wrong tones can make the overall finish look unnatural.

 2. Shape

Symmetry, length and height come together next as I measure the difference between the client’s current shape and the desired shape. Your brow shape accentuates your eyes and can make a tired eye look awake and alert simply by adding height. Ensuring your brow is the correct length can emphasise the shape and frame your features beautifully.


Real before and after courtesy of Melissa Young Beauty

3. Same, But Different

One quote which I love to use, is, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. The majority of eyebrows don’t grow the exact same way as one another and it is very important to work with this through the treatment to ensure you get a natural, but clean finish.

4. Define

To finish a brow off, I always encourage clients to consider using a little product as this will give your brows a touch of definition. I love to use a combination of powders and pencils! Keep it subtle and natural using product only to fill in any gaps. The key is to do touch-ups, not redraw the whole brow.


Image from rebloggy.com

Accredited as the first Australian HD Brow Master Stylist, Melissa Young offers HD brows from her Melissa Young Beauty Glebe studio. HD Browns is a 7-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It entails a combination of traditional and modern techniques including tinting, waxing and threading.

Main image from runningwithmascara.com

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