4 reasons to ENSURE your ring is INSURED! Everything you need to know about protecting your new diamond ring.

The moment finally came. You said yes. There is a fabulous new shiny object on your hand, and it is probably worth more than your handbag, fridge and chosen Fiancé. The last thing on your mind is insurance, you’re never ever ever letting that ring go, right? WRONG. Did you know that 8% of women and 14% of men in the past 5 years have misplaced their engagement or wedding ring?

UH OH. Never fear, Wedded is here! We have reached out to the experts! Centrestone are giving us the inside word on protecting your first diamond love, that beloved ring. And ensuring you are FULLY covered if it is ever lost. Guess what our friends, home and contents insurance does not mean your jewellery is fully covered!

Also remember, the value of jewellery overtime changes, so having an ongoing valuation is superimportant. Centrestone has the answers to your burning questions below;

1. We can’t believe insurance companies don’t cover the full cost of jewellery. Tell us WHY Centrestone!

Most insurers have a directive to replace items as cheaply as possible so will not cover the total replacement cost of jewellery, or will attempt to send the claim to their preferred jeweller or workshop.

We at Centrestone created our company to provide a policy that has been specifically designed for the maximum protection of jewellery.

There’s an emotional and sentimental attachment to jewellery that makes it so precious to its owner. It’s not something that can be replaced by anyone without thought or care like a TV or a fridge. That’s why we guarantee that in the event of a claim the repair or replacement is done by your preferred jeweller.

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2. Why is insurance so important when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands?

An engagement ring is meant to be worn every single day for the rest of your life. No other items of clothing or personal possession will be worn as much as your jewellery will.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. A cracked mobile phone screen can be fixed relatively cheaply compared to a cracked diamond, so it’s best to have the right insurance in place before anything happens!

An engagement ring is one of the most expensive purchases many people make in their life. In 2019, many people are spending more on their engagement rings than on their car- see survey results here on average cost of engagement ring.

While the emotional and sentimental value of a lost engagement ring can never be replaced, the Centrestone policy is the safest way to ensure that if the ring is damaged, lost or stolen it is replaced exactly like-for-like.

3. What does Centrestone insurance include?

The policy includes:

1. Worldwide cover for accidental damage, loss & theft

2. 125% cover of the insured value to cover increases in replacement cost

3. Guarantee to return to your preferred jeweller, not an insurance company workshop

4. Free annual revaluations on the insured items

5. $50 excess on all claims – not thousands of dollars at claim time

6. Agreed value & like-for-like replacement

7. Instant cover – no waiting periods

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4. At what stage should a couple purchase Centrestone insurance? Can it be done years after purchasing their rings?

A Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy can be taken out at any time! Ideally, the insurance will be in place before you pick up your jewellery so it’s insured before you walk out of the store, but it can be insured at any point in the future. No matter how new or old the jewellery is, Centrestone can provide the policy to make sure it’s protected for all its worth.

We are so glad we asked the question Centrestone.

Take care of your jewellery when you’re wearing it, and more so ensure you protect yourself with the right specialist jewellery insurance to cover loss, damage and theft!

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