4 questions you need to ask to find your perfect Wedding colours

Only some of them will admit it, but many girls have been fantasising about their Wedding since they were little – how old they will be, how will their wedding dress look like, which flowers will they choose for a bouquet and every single detail, including the centerpieces. But once the date for a big day is finally settled, there’s one more very important thing to decide – what will be the colour theme for your Wedding?

At first, choosing the perfect colour combo might seem easy: just pick up a colour or two that you like the most and combine it with classic white, or go for verified matches, like black and white, blue and silver, etc… But – it’s not like that. If you want to make a memorable day, the right colour palette can be essential for creating unique style of celebrating your love. When choosing the right combination of your wedding colours, you should consider some objective factors, like the venue and season, but also be led by your instinct and the mood you want to set.

Here are the four questions you need to ask before picking your Wedding colour scheme.

What Type of Venue am I Using?

Some venues – like converted warehouses or tents – are neutral territories, which means that you can use any colour palette. If you pick up a venue with its own style, you can take an inspiration out of it and make a great atmosphere.

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What Season is my Wedding?

Seasons may often colour our mood, so you should let them inspire you for your wedding day too. Brighter and richer colour combinations (like coral and pink or pink and green) are more appropriate for spring and summer, while bold or metallic shades and pastels are combination (like navy and black or grey and lemon) which gets along with fall and winter.

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Where’s my Colour Wheel?

For making a complementary combination, consult the colour wheel to see what matches. Usually, it’s the pair of the “opposites” or “neighbour” ones; namely, the pair of “hot” and “cold” colours (for example, violet and gray), or the pair of similar ones (like fuchsia and blush or peppermint and aqua).

What’s my Theme?

Once you have chosen your colour palette, you should include it in all the details and elements of your wedding, in order to create the theme. You can pick a coloured wedding dress, jewellery, add a belt or bow in some colour to your classic white gown or maybe even choose unique wedding shoes, which will add some personality to your look. Your colour theme can help you decide which flowers will you pick or how to decorate the venue and the wedding cake. It can also be a great inspiration for bridesmaids’ dresses or groom’s fashion details.

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