4 bomboniere rules you cannot break

We’ve all been to a Wedding where the bomboniere leaves you less excited and more ‘where am I going to put this <insert the type of dust collecting favour>?’.

So how do you ensure that at YOUR Wedding, your guests will love your bomboniere as much as you do? We’ve put together four rules that make sure your guests will be scrambling to take their favours home!


RULE ONE: Aim For Something Guests Will NOT Throw Out

To ensure that your expensive bomboniere doesn’t end up in the nearest dumpster, by opting for something guests will see the value in! A cookie or lolly bar that allows guests to create their own bomboniere from is a fantastic idea (health nuts: you can provide some healthy options too!). All you need is some monogrammed jars with your initials and a few ribbons to decorate them with and voila – your bomboniere will be an absolute hit! No one can complain to you if they make it themselves, hey?

RULE TWO: Make Sure Guests Can Actually Use It

Now, this is where some couples go wrong. They waste a ton of money on bomboniere but don’t consider whether their guests will actually use it. Save yourself the stress and choose something that you know your guests will find handy on a daily basis. If you’re having a destination Wedding, why not have a cute little luggage tag made? No one can ever criticise a functional gift!


RULE THREE: Look For Something Timeless And Think Outside The Box

Consider having a bomboniere that is a constant fun reminder of the Wedding day, for example hire a caricature artist for your reception so guests can take home a picture of themselves! Alternatively, go DIY and create a personalised potted plant or herb for your loved ones.

RULE FOUR: Stand Out

Everyone loves a trendsetter, so employ this mentality when it comes to your bomboniere. For example, if you believe that bomboniere is a waste of your cash, why not give money to a charity and leave a card stating your intentions on each guest’s plate? A selfless, great idea is guaranteed to make a statement.


Images from Rafa’s Wedding. Photography by Rafael Fontana.

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