3 Things You Have To Buy As Soon As You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You’re engaged! The sparkler is on your finger, the tears have been cleared, the families are in the know and you’re getting used to saying ‘my fiancé’. And somewhere in between all of that, you’ve managed to squeeze in an #isaidyes ringfie on Instagram. Exciting times, friends.

The rush of emotions that you feel during this time truly can’t be reproduced. We don’t blame you if a little bit of anxiety is in the mix too. After all, you’re about to plan the best wedding ever. So, here’s 3 things you have to buy as soon as you get engaged to start the fabulous journey.

Ring Box

Sure, your rock came in one from the jewellers but is it personalised? Does it have a matching tray? We didn’t think so. If Mr Right surprised you with your dream ring, make sure the sizing is perfect so it’s not too tight or slipping off. Once that’s out of the way, it’s going to need pretty safekeeping. So be sure to choose one that’ll sit on your dresser oh-so-nicely.

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Bridal Bible

es+elle‘s bridal bible has everything you need to plan your wedding to a tee. Think endless inspiration, supplier suggestions, bridal emergency kit, marriage advice, gift registry checklists, writing space, budget info and a whopping 12-month timeline to take you through the whole year. It’s the bee’s knees in wedding planning and a keepsake to have for years to come. Cue the lady-in-love with who frantically waves her bridal bible in one hand and empty RSVPs in the other. Thou shalt not make her angry.

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We L O V E our customers designs 💕 #esandelle #lovefont

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Just when you thought we wanted you to fork out your wedding funds, we’re dropping the mic. Being proposed to is a special moment and we suggest taking the time to be happy together. We’re talking that sparks flying, adrenaline-consuming, dopey love-drunkness you feel from when your partner pops the questions to the part where you cry shrieks of ‘Yes!’. So before you start a flip-chart with all your honeymoon outfits or call the Plaza to secure your date, just soak it all in.

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Written by Shaymah Alkhair

You can purchase es+elle’s Bridal Bridal from their website, or discover more from the brand on Instagram.

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