3 Ring Combinations For The Modern Bride

When it comes to engagement rings, we advise saying hello to halos, ask for pear-fection and talk about all the diamond dripping, sparkle shining, princess-cutting rocks that would look oh-so-amazing on our very deserving fingers. In today’s wedding world, brides are increasingly opting for alternative and unconventional styles that represent them. Diamond World Fine Jewellery knows all about that standout factor, so here are 3 stunning ring combinations they can exquisitely craft for the modern bride.

Mixing Diamonds

Mixing diamonds isn’t for the faint-hearted. Love yellow diamonds just as much as white diamonds? Diamond World Fine Jewellery can combine both in a seamless, soft elegance. We’re talking gorgeous coloured centre stones surrounded by diamond-encrusted halos. The combination of textures makes for a truly striking ring.

Mixing Metals

Mixed metal accents aren’t only trending in this year’s wedding decor, they’re the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary. Think timeless hues of gold against a brilliant (pun intended) sparkler. The delicate contrast will be a definite show-stopper, just like this breathtaking design from Diamond World Fine Jewellery.

Mixing Bands

We are in awe of this set from Diamond World Fine Jewellery. The feminine and romantic oval cut against a band with chunkier diamonds is the best of both worlds. Choosing a band aesthetic that differs from yet compliments your engagement ring is a clever way to add an edgy accent to your ring. Mixing bands makes for a bold opulence.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery are experts in crafting the perfect, custom-made piece for life’s special moments. Visit www.diamondworldfinejewellery.com.au now to book your complimentary one-on-one consultation with Master Craftsman, Jim Chohaili.

Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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