Although every single relationship is different, therapists are agreeing that there are some key arguments that all couples have when they’re on the road to a break-up.

So, if you’ve been fighting with your hubby more than usual, check whether you’ve argued over any of these – they’re serious red flags!

1. You Don’t Appreciate Me

If you or your significant other feel as though you’re being taken for granted, it’s a serious issue. Couples who’ve been together for a long time tend to get more comfortable and sometimes forget to let their partner know just how much they love them; however, if it’s not resolved, it can signify the end of the relationship.

2. We Never See Each Other

Life, work, friends and family take up so much energy that couples often forget to prioritise quality time with each other. The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia found that 36% of married couples aged 25-50 with children only have ‘date night’ once every seven months (or less)! If you’re not making time for each other, your relationship isn’t going to be healthy and the likelihood of a breakup is far higher.

3. We Disagree

Couples who disagree on ‘big ticket’ things like kids and religion are less likely to last the distance. With these topics, even if you both reach a compromise, it’s likely that either of you will be happy with the outcome in the long run.

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