29 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Bride

You know that split-second at a wedding when a bride is about to enter, and all eyes turn to her? Well, in the lead up to that, there’s been a wacky whirlwind, breakdown-having express roller-coaster. So, we’ve summed up the bridal experience the way we know best – GIFs. From Disney favourites to Kardashian moments, here are 29 GIFs that perfectly sum up being a bride.

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1. When You Expect Your Proposal To Go Like This

Image result for funny wedding proposal gif

2. And Then Act Surprised When He Pops The Question, Like You Haven’t Been Practising Your Camera Face For Months

Mila Kunis happy crying

3. Let The Wedding Planning Begin…

Image result for up until now you've been dead wedding gif

4. When All Your Dream Vendors Are Booked Out Until 2073

5. The First Time You Hear The Word ‘Cake-Cutting Fee’

6. Going To Your First Hair And Make-Up Trial

7. When You Buy Your Dream Dress

Image result for big bang theory amy wedding dress gif

8. And Need To Resort To An Extreme Diet

Image result for devil wears prada gif block of cheese

9. When You Realise Your Pinterest Wedding Is Getting Out Of Hand

Image result for spending money gif

10. When Aunt Shelly Hasn’t Spoken To Uncle Garry For Years And They Refuse To Sit At The Same Table. And Ben Wants To Know If You’ll Be Serving Gluten-Free Cake

Image result for bridezilla gifs

11. When Everyone Is Giving You Wedding And Marriage Advice

12. When You’re A Bride Who’s Open To Ideas

13. Explaining To Your Partner That The Centrepieces You Chose Are Just A Teeny-Weeny Bit Over Budget

14. When The Florist Said She’d Be Here At 12 and it’s 11:57

15. When You Know You’re An Unreasonable Bridezilla

Image result for kim crying gif

16. When Your Mother-In-Law Won’t Stop Voicing Her Unwanted Opinions

wedding planning complaints

17. When You Successfully Negotiate A Great Deal With Your Wedding Photographer

wedding planning gifs

18. When He Knows You’re An Absolute Psycho But There’s No Turning Back Now

Image result for tangled gifs

19. The Morning Thrill

20. That Look Of Love At The Ceremony

Image result for harry and meghan wedding gifs

21. When Everyone Is Having An Awesome Time At Your Reception

Image result for party gif

22. When You Guys Are Really Into The First Dance

Image result for grease gif

23. When You See All The Money In The Wishing Well

Image result for money gif funny

24. Honeymoon, Woo!

Image result for honeymoon gifs

25. Feeling The Post-Wedding-Depression-Disorder

26. When The Photographer Says Your Wedding Pics Aren’t Ready

27. The Inevitable Return To Work Where You Mostly Spent Time Planning Your Wedding

Image result for the office gif

28. Inviting The Squad To Watch Your Now Released Wedding Video

29. ‘How’s Married Life?’

Image result for marriage life gif

Cover Image: Mitchell/Winslow/Splash News

Written By Shaymah Alkhair 

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