You’ve met prince charming and have spent countless hours of blissful happiness together; but how do you know he’s THE ONE?

1. He listens to you and gives you full attention, whether you’re venting about the latest work issue or describing in perfect detail the latest Dolce and Gabbana collection

2. He calls you ‘beautiful’, not ‘hot’

3. He invites you to all his family get-togethers

4. He encourages you to spend time with your girlfriends

5. When you imagine yourself in 5 or 10 years, he’s always part of the picture


Image from Ailinn and Jimi’s wedding. Photography by Luke Simon Photography and Maya Kolega Photography

6. You actually struggle when your friends ask which of his traits you find annoying

7. He’s the first person you call when something funny/scary/exciting happens

8. You can do ‘nothing’ together and still have fun

9. You can cry, sweat and break-out in front of him without feeling self-conscious

10. You both agree on the big ‘K’ – kids

11. Instead of listing your Mum as ‘emergency contact’, you list him

12. He’s seen you at your worst and still loves you

13. Most of the joy you get when travelling to exciting places is seeing him having fun..

14. You don’t let small things get between your relationship. You realise minor disagreements just aren’t worth getting upset over and have fine-tuned the art of compromise

15. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been together, you’re still attracted to him.

2Image from Dani and Nathan’s wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

16. He challenges you and pushes you to outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s trying new foods or changing careers, if he encourages you to stretch yourself, he’s a keeper.

17. You can’t find the words to express just how much he means to you. Even ‘I love you’ isn’t enough.

18. You trust him with your most important possession – your heart. You don’t check through his phone, you don’t stalk his Facebook and when he’s out with the boys, you know he’s not lying.

19. You’ve stopped thinking about your exes – even that bad boy you dated when you were 19.

20. You never get jealous of him. Whether he scores a huge promotion before you, or always gets the pink Clinkers in the packet, you feel happy, not envious of him.

21. He’s not perfect, but his flaws are what you love about him

22. Your Mum and Dad approve

23. Neither of you even ‘win’ or ‘lose’ an argument, it’s always a middle ground.


Image from Lisa and Jason’s wedding. Photography by Chris Clinnick

Main image from Widyan and Hussein’s wedding. Photography by Charlie Coe Photo.

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