22 Gift Registry Items You’ve Probably Forgotten To Add

We have a love-hate relationship with gift registries. One minute you’re picking out extravagant tableware in white, silver and copper, and the next you’re stuck with four toasters. Spare the guests who criticise your need for a cupcake machine, because they’ve been married for a decade or two longer.

Read on for the low-down from Reddit users on the gift registry items you’ll actually need (but probably forgot to add).

The Couple With The Lawn

1. Our friends told us to put four of those fold up quad lawn chairs on our registry. We were a little skeptical but did it anyway. We are so glad we did. We use them all way more than the random kitchen tools we got. – coawmselreoyn


The Foodies

2. We registered for a serving tray, and my husband thought I was crazy. Now that we have it, we use it pretty often to eat dinner in bed (because we are adults and do that all the time)! – joseph_sith

3. We registered for an ice-cream maker! It’s been great to make cheap, DELICIOUS (as in just as creamy as cow’s milk based) vegan ice-cream.A more practical/cheaper thing we got was a good measuring jug! Being able to see the volume of liquid in the jug from the top is so awesome.Another thing we registered for was GOOD luggage. – magicweasel

4. Our top used registry items are an ice scoop, some pans and nice cookie sheets, and a really nice folding table. Plus, extra towels of all kinds get a lot of use. – starseuss

5. We put a soda stream on ours. My sister-in-law suggested it, and I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but ended up putting it on the registry so as to not make her feel like her opinions didn’t matter to us. Well someone bought it for us and it is awesome!!!! I absolutely love it! You can make soda pop, but also sparkling water, carbonated juices, etc. – jojokat1230

6. I registered for a pack with 36,000 servings of canned food for $6000. I sincerely hope nobody actually gets it for us. – hotespresso

The Bob The Builder Wanna-Be’s

7. We didn’t think about registering for tools (we already had a mishmash), but one of my husband’s aunts got us a full tool kit including a drill set and it is AWESOME! We have used it to fix so much random stuff, and never would have thought to put it on our list. – joseph_sith

8. Duct-tape, power-tools, plunger, one of those pre-made sets of serviceable quality screws/nails/fasteners/etc, think of useful shit you’ll actually need. Eat a lot of rice/quinoa/oats? Throw a Zojirushi on there. – shadowex3


The Kitchen Fanatics

9. We just got our Instant Pot and it is amazing! Also a huge space saver. – bulelainwen

10. Tableware set. Pick a classic design that’s practical. A good, high quality food processor is a good item that some people don’t think of. – rapiertwit

11. We registered for a buffet table on Amazon, which I love because I needed somewhere to put our platters. .- jannefouir

12. Ninja blender with food processor and mini bullets.Also an electric skillet. We use this so much more often than our regular stove. – ivoryboxx

13. My friend told me to register for a kitchen aid and said, “don’t think of the kitchen you have, think of the kitchen you’ll one day have.” I loved that mind set – don’t think of what we immediately need/want but think about future needs as well. The kitchen aid was the first gift to show up! – blushingpervert 

14. An electric tea kettle! Even if you don’t drink tea, it’s so handy to have a device that almost instantly boils water. – everysinglebear

The Bed Obsessed

15. We registered for some 600 and 400 thread count sheets/pillowcases/duvet covers, gel-filled cooling pillows (it gets over 100 degrees in the summer where we live, so these are NICE), and some blankets. They are all AMAZING and help make our bedroom really comfy and nice. – joseph_sith

16. A down comforter and duvet… We got it and were floored and it’s pure heaven on our bed! –  slayez06

17. Towels? Bed sheets?  – 1n1billionaznsay

The Vacuum Victims

18. I also was going to register for a robotic vacuum, but I couldn’t wait and bought it myself around Christmas time and didn’t put it on the registry. – jannefouir

19. A high quality vacuum. I thought I was okay with mine, and I suppose I am, but I could have gotten a really nice, lightweight one with more features. – mrsspice

The Wine Connoisseur

20. Obviously, this thing. It’s a Wine-O-Saur and he lives on our dining table. – boobietheduck

The Genius

21. Maybe just put booze on the registry. Never need to buy liquor again. – nickachu_

This Guy

22. My friend put an Xbox 360 on his (this was a long time ago) and he got it. – wandos7

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