21 Things To Pack Inside Your Hospital Bag

You’ve had a whole nine months to plan for the day you welcome your new baby into the world, but let’s be real – time has managed to slip past you, or you’re suffering from baby brain (it’s a thing), so it’s a good idea to have a list written out of everything that you’ll need to pack.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you’ll need in the lead up to the birth, after labour, and when you finally get to leave the hospital.




Preferably the kind that button down the front to make breast-feeding easier.

Backless slippers

For scuffling around the hospital without extra effort.


You’re definitely going to get sweaty, so make sure you have a hairband on hand.

Phone Charger

Waiting time means you’ll probably use up your battery pretty fast, so be prepared.

A Pillow

You might not like the pillows you get at the hospital, so it’s good to have extra on hand. V-shaped pillows are particularly for elevation while you’re breastfeeding.


You’re going to get bored in the lead-up, so having books on hand are a good way to pass the time. It’s also a great time to brush up on baby-related material.



Earphones fall under the same category as books. You may also need some calming music to help allay your nerves and fears, or just need a way to block out surrounding sounds for some “me time.”

Lip Balm and Moisturiser

You may find your skin and lips getting dry for a number of reasons – the hospital ventilation, dehydration, nerves. Keep these small things on hand for a touch of comfort.


Both for if you get cold or just as a piece of comfort.


Even though all phones have fantastic cameras, it’s nice to have an actual camera on hand. Polaroids are also perfect for a more personal touch.

A mini fan

Your hormones will be wreaking havoc on your body, so have a mini fan on hand to control your body temperature.


After Birth

A going-home outfit

You’re going to want to slip into something comfortable after the stress of giving birth. Loose pants or a long loose dress won’t put any unnecessary strain on your body.

Nursing bra

Nursing bras allow you to breastfeed your baby without having to remove your actual bra, so make sure to buy a few pairs before heading to the hospital.

Toothbrush and toiletries

You’re going to be in the hospital for a few nights, so it’s important to have all your toiletries around. Toothbrush, deodorant, face wipes, earbuds, and any other travel-sized bits you might need.


Throwaway underwear

Your underwear won’t last the labour, so make sure you’re not wearing a pair that you actually like. Lightweight cotton is particularly good if you’ve had a Cesarean and don’t want to irritate the scar.

Eye mask

To make sleeping post (and pre) birth a lot easier. Hospitals are not renown for being comfortable places of rest.

Essential oils

Certain oils can help you to relax and combat stress and anxiety, like lavender, so do your research and find the oils that work best for you. The smells will also become associated with the day, so choose carefully.

For Your Baby

Baby blankets

Your new bub may find it cold adjusting from the hospital to your car, so bring a baby blanket to keep them warm.

Swaddles, socks, and jumpsuits

This goes without saying.

Baby car seat

You can’t leave without a properly-installed baby car seat, so have one prepared.


Trust us, stock up.

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