Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2024: Bold is Back!

Ahh, engagement rings! The shiny symbol of love that can turn a simple “Will you?” into a memorable “Heck Yes!” It’s the pièce de résistance of any love story. 

An engagement ring is not just an accessory, it is a glittering promise wrapped around a finger, a tiny yet mighty testament to a life-changing “yes”. That ring becomes the ultimate flex for brides-to-be as they tell their bridesmaids about their incredible love story and even more precious proposals. 

With trends changing faster than you can say yes, picking an engagement ring is no longer a piece of cake. But don’t worry, Wedded Wonderland has got you covered. Here’s a list of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2024! Get ready to be dazzled!!

Three Stones

Picture this; as the love of your life bends down to ask you to be his wife, and not just one, but three beautiful diamonds wink back at you, there’s no way you can say no to that, right? 

Enter the enchanting fairy tale charm of the three-stone engagement rings: a trio of gems that sings the song of your past, present, and future! 

The Perfect Trilogy

Three-stone engagement rings, also called trinity or trilogy rings, usually have a prominent center stone representing the vibrant present of the couple, while two diamonds, perfectly placed on either side of the center stone reflect the cherished memories of the past and the much-awaited bright future.

engagement ring trends

Image via brilliantearth

Each diamond has a story to tell, rooted in old traditional, and timeless elegance. Three-stone rings exhibit rich taste and a sense of belonging to the culture. 

Approved by the princess herself, the three-stoned ring was chosen by Meghan Markle as she married Prince William. So why settle for one diamond, when you can have three? 

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Image via hrhofsussex

Mixed Metals 

Can’t decide between yellow gold, white gold, silver, or rose gold? Worry no more! Mixed metal rings have emerged as a blessing in disguise for many brides seeking to add a touch of dual tone to their wedding rings. These rings blend two or more metals to make it the perfect choice for the bride-to-be. This trend in engagement rings has helped create artful combinations that are a solution for all the brides who are not ready to compromise on their princess moment. 

Beyond the Aesthetics

It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about creating your personalized combination that reflects your love and your style at the same time. Add yellow gold to your platinum, or white gold to your yellow gold, the world is your oyster.

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Image via oliveavejewelry

Many modern brides are embracing this trend and opting for more versatile and timeless options for their engagement rings. 

Oval Diamonds and Pear Shaped rings 

Hailey Bieber’s upgraded oval ring left the internet in awe as she renewed her vows with Justin Bieber on 9th May. Hailey shined even more brightly with her stunning oval-shaped wedding ring crafted by Solow and Co. 

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Image via @haileybieber

Historic tradition 

Oval and Pear-shaped rings have transcended centuries, they define the perfect combination of tradition and classic style. The elongated and elegant curves give the perfect modern touch to a traditional round diamond. A choice of many celebs like Blake Lively and Cardi B, these engagement rings can never go wrong. 

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Image via Getty

What sets these engagement rings apart from others is their uniqueness and simplicity, making them extremely breath-taking. 

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Image via eastwestgemco

Lab Diamonds 

Eco-friendly is the new chic. Many this-age brides or millennial brides are opting for sustainable choices for their engagements, by choosing lab-grown diamonds. Couples who love the environment and their bank accounts are making the plunge with this ethical choice of lab-grown engagement rings.

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Image via simoncurwoodjewellers

Celebs Leading the way

The rise of awareness for these diamonds is also attributed to many celebrities making this eco-choice (or should we say epic-choice). These include the Harry Potter star Emma Watson and even Leonardo Dicaprio, which has made this choice more mainstream. 

Lab-grown diamonds will not only sparkle your love around but also spread a message with style.

Pop of color

Engagement rings no longer come with specifications. This is a memo to all the brides: GIRL! It’s time to fall in love with your engagement ring (maybe a little more than your husband!). Say bye to the ordinary when you can dazzle with the extraordinary.

Magic with Meaning

Brides in 2024 are no longer shying away from a touch of color. Whether it is the fiery red rubies, lush green emeralds, or deep blue sapphires, they are going all out. And these beautiful gems not only add color, but they also hold “some meaning” for many of these modern couples. And because of this, having a colorful center stone in your ring has become one of the top engagement ring trends.

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Image via thenaturalemeraldco

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Images via lavendercreekgems 

Leading the way in this ring revolution is Serena van der Woodsen herself, aka Blake Lively who flaunted her blush pink engagement ring, making all the fans gush over it.

Not to be outdone, the pop sensation Katy Perry chose a gorgeous ruby, that perfectly goes with her personal style. 

AD 4nXcIv8hqXbOofFWqWOZvBRDtpMLKSVXQ5dx8VzfzCqfVoRREo3T4f56PnryMlNGNSDpL u0GJ7N6SYlxA5nvsntQakgT5 3qWj9MHHb270XZacyko18u1i5j0Oyay1

Image via @katyperry

Make everyone go gaga over that color of pop on your finger!


East or West, your engagement ring must outshine the rest! Another delightful twist (literally..) on the traditional classic ring is the East-West setting. In the East-West setting, the center stone is placed horizontally rather than vertically. 

Image via rosadosbox

Twist on Tradition

These engagement rings have gained immense popularity, especially amongst diamonds and gems that are more elongated, such as Oval, Pear, Elongated cushion, or Marquise Diamonds. It gives brides a refreshed take on traditional round diamonds and combines timeless elegance with modern beauty.

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Image via everettfinejewelry

Statement Bands

Creativity has entered the chat, and it’s all set to dazzle the proposals for many couples. Statement bands for engagement rings have become a trend for many couples in 2024. And this trend is not just for the brides! Many statement bands offer gender-neutral styles making it a great choice for grooms as well.

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Image via flawlessfinejewellery

Time to make a statement

Wedding bands can be extremely versatile and different, offering different textures, different diamond shapes, and widths.

One trend that has grown a lot is chunky bands. Think thick! Chunky bands or thick bands are considered a bold choice when it comes to choosing your engagement rings. And luckily the year 2024, has seen a lot of couples making this bold choice, especially with yellow gold bands.

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Image via fourwordsnz

Vintage Rings 

As they say, old is gold! Vintage-inspired designs have made a huge comeback in 2024. Couples are looking to add old-school charm to their new blooming relationship. And they are making this happen with beautifully crafted vintage-style engagement rings. 

Inspired by various eras, from the Art Glamour of the 1920s to the romantic Victorian era, these rings bring a touch of history and a lot of character to the modern love story.

These engagement rings have intricate details with delicate engravings, which adds to their charm.

Image via filigreejewelers

As Beyonce infamously sung, “If you like it, you should put a ring on it!”. It’s time for all the brides and grooms to find their perfect piece of bling to symbolize their love for each other. With endless options ranging from lab-grown diamonds to chunky bands, 2024 engagement ring trends have something for everyone. Go ahead and explore your sparkling engagement rings!

Here’s to finding your forever sparkle and making that ring finger shine!


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