2018 Honeymoon Destinations To Book Right Now

Is there anything more fun than planning a holiday?

Once the fun (and stress) of wedding planning is out of the way, booking a honeymoon will feel like a treat. With so many gorgeous places around the world, it can hard to decide just where on earth you’ll go. And while we all dream of taking a year off and exploring everything this planet has to offer, it’s not exactly a viable option for all of us.

So we’ve put together 10 of the most amazing destinations we could find, all the while wishing we could throw in a dozen more. From Royal hot spots (thank you, Harry and William), to sublime coastal getaways, these are the places you need to jet off to in 2018.


We’re calling it from now – Botswana will be the red-hot destination of 2018 thanks to Prince Harry and his wooing of Meghan Markle in Botswana, just a month after their first meeting. Botswana is perfect for an intimate honeymoon, with the government priding themselves on “high value, low volume tourism.” Experience a unique safari, enjoy dinners by candlelight and moonlit baths, and camp under the stars just like Harry and Meghan.

Peak time: 300 days of sunshine, but August is peak game-viewing time. 

Photography by Dook

Bora Bora

Mill about in the sunshine of French Polynesia. Another perfect spot for couples seeking a more intimate and exclusive getaway, Bora Bora is everything that you dream about when you’re stuck in the office. With its translucent turquoise waters, exotic sea life, and luxury resorts, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise. You can even swim with dolphins and take private excursions to deserted islets.

Peak time: For the best weather, try April and November.

Photography by  Alex Eshelman


There’s something truly magical about Cuba. For lovers of history and culture, Havana is the perfect destination. Lively and romantic, Havana has a vintage charm to it that makes it a culture-lover’s dream and you’ll fall in love with its abundance of great food, live salsa music, and gorgeous coastline. Check out the Museum of Chocolate, go on a deep sea diving tour, and stroll through the old La Havana Antigua.

Peak time: For plenty of sunshine, head over between December and April. For festival season, July and August.

Image via Ooh Couture

Cape Town

If you’re looking for place that blends a modern city with natural beauty, head to Cape Town. Catch its amazing sunsets – a tradition known as “sundowner” – bring out your adventurous side at Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, head to the Cape Winelands for (you guessed it) amazing wine, and visit Boulder’s Beach to see penguins frolicking around.

Peak time: For warmer weather, head over between October and April. For cooler temperatures, try January to April.

Photography by Craig Howes


Our own Wendy travelled to Venice earlier this year for the Engage!17 Conference, and it’s safe to say she fell in love with the watery city. Enjoy the novelty of getting around the city solely by boat and water taxis, cuddling up to your loved one on a gondola ride, explore its winding streets and indulge in specialty candy and Carnevale masks, visit 7th Cenutry churches, and – of course – goes crazy with the Italian pasta.

Peak time: For fine temperatures, try April to June and September to November.

Image via @audiosoup


You know all those gorgeous destinations pictures you see of the hundreds of hot air balloons floating across the sundrenched sky? Well, you can have that in Cappadocia. Just an hour and a half flight outside of Istanbul, you can marvel at Cappadocia’s “fairy chimney” rock formations, take a ride on a hot air balloon, and stay at the Argos, a luxury hotel carved into the rock with features dating back 2,000 years.

Peak time: Aim for their Spring – March to May – or Autumn – September to November.

Image via @doyoutravel


Experience the “City of Lakes” and the “Venice of the East.” You’ll be in awe of its royal residences, including the City Palace which is comprised of 11 palaces, courtyards and gardens, and stunning peacock mosaics. Take a boat ride on Lake Pichola and visit the Jag Mandir Palace, see the Mewar Lught and Sound Show at Manek Chowk, and explore Udaipur on camel and elephant rides.

Peak time: For the most pleasant weather, head over between September and March.

Photography by Emily Hutchinson

Harbour Island

If you want to kick the romance up a notch, head to Harbour Island in the Bahamas and stroll along the famous pink sand beaches with your loved one by your side. Take in the sights of the English Colonial-style buildings and the flower-filled streets, indulge in the island’s many luxurious hotels, explore the pineapple fields, or just relax on its picturesque beaches.

Peak time: To get the best weather, head over between December and April.

Image via Pandotrip


For the honeymooning couple seeking the ultimate in luxury, Dubai is the place to go. With it’s location and status as an airline hub, you make make Dubai an unforgettable stopover trip or spend your entire holiday there. Experience designer shopping like no where else, soar to new heights at the top of the Burj Khalifa, ride ATVs and camels in the desert, swim in Jumeirah Beach, and ski down the man-made slopes of The Atlantis’ indoor snow resort.

Peak time: Dubai is hot, hot, hot all year round, but November through to March is a great time to visit.

Image via Ooh Couture


The islands of Seychelles are the idyllic location for a romantic honeymoon, and another place to get your Royal dose as William and Kate spent their honeymoon on North Island. Discover the hidden coves of Praslin and La Digue for an intimate getaway or, if you’re looking to live large, stay in a private island resort like Denis Private Island. You can also feast on amazing quality seafood and exotic fruits, and indulge in the local cuisine as it blends Creole, French, Indian, and Oriental influences.

Peak time: Head over during the transitional season in April, May, October, and November.

Image by Alex Preview

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