Taking on the role of Maid-of-Honour is a big responsibility, but an even bigger honour! So, to help your Bestie have her perfect Wedding Day, here are 19 things that every MoH needs to do.

1. Hold a Bridesmaid Meeting

Before you kick-off your official MoH duties, arrange a meeting with the other Bridesmaids to work out their budget and ideas for the Bachelorette Party and Kitchen Tea.

2. Be the Go-To

Give your mobile number out to the entire Bridal Party and offer to be the Bride’s go-to for Wedding guests with questions. No matter how clear the invitation is, you’ll have people asking questions about the dress code and gift registry, so by taking this off the Bride, you’ll be saving her one huge headache.

3. Know Your Costings

Have a budget in mind, then create a spreadsheet and keep track of all the costs of being a MoH. You’ll be surprised at how quickly all those little purchases add up!

4. Be Punctual

Make sure you’re on time to all of the Bridal appointments. It’s up to you to set an example to the other ‘Maids.

1Image from Anthea and George’s Wedding. Photography by Porfyri Photography.

5. Be Honest

You’ll be a sounding-board for the Bride throughout the planning process, so you’ve got to be honest with her. If you have concerns about anything from her dress to her suppliers to her engagement party theme, make sure you let her know.

6. Take Her Side

Always take sides with the Bride when there’s a disagreement with the other Bridesmaids. She needs you to have her back no matter what it’s about.

7. Get Help

You need to become the queen of delegation during your MoH reign. Assign tasks to the other Bridesmaids, especially when it comes to planning the pre-Wedding events.

5Image from Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding. Photography by Simon Gorges.

8. Write Now

Start your MoH speech at least a month before the Big Day. This gives you plenty of time to practice, as well as add memories that you may have forgotten.

9. Arrange a Schedule

Have a clear Wedding Day schedule and try and keep everyone on time as much as possible.

10. Stay Calm

The Bride is likely to be stressed throughout the Wedding planning process, so it’s the MoH’s job to keep things light. Stay calm (even if you feel like crying) and try to keep her as relaxed as possible.

11. Create a Survival Kit

On the day of the Wedding, it’s your job to bring along a Bridal Survival Kit. Include things like Panadol, needle and thread, safety pins, Band-Aids, snacks and tissues.

2Image from Gabi and Nick’s Wedding. Photography by  Blumenthal Photography.

12. Hold the Bouquet

During the vows, reach over the Bride and grab the bouquet. It’s your job to hold onto it until she gets ready to leave the ceremony.

13. Get Her Food

On the Wedding Day, Brides often don’t have time or forget to eat. Give her subtle reminders throughout the day, have snacks for her to munch on and act as a guard dog during dinner so she can get a bite or two.

14/ Have Bathroom Breaks

Most Brides need some help using the loo in their Wedding Gowns. Offer to accompany her on the trips to the restroom; trust us, it’ll take your friendship to the next level.

15. Charge it Up

Pack a few spare phone chargers to take along to the reception. There’ll be so many photos and posts to Instagram that it’s guaranteed at least one guest will run out of charge.

16. Direct, Direct, Direct

On the Wedding Day, have a copy of the invitation so you have the ceremony and venue addresses at hand. Also, have a map on your phone open, so you can help direct any guests who’ve gotten lost.

3Image from Dillan and Kylie’s Wedding. Photography by Filmography.

17. Get Energised

On the Big Day, it’s so important that you have loads of energy. The Bride will feed off your emotions, so keep excited, dance endlessly and be full of smiles.

18. Honeymoon Help

Offer to help your Bestie pack for the Honeymoon and arrange any last-minute things like insurance and exchange rates.

19. Help With the Gifts

After the Wedding, help the Bride identify which gift is from which guest and assist with writing the ‘Thank-You Cards’.

4Image from Aala and Ahmad’s Wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story

Main image from Steph and Simon’s Wedding. Photography by Yervant Photography.


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