18 Maternity Photoshoots To Inspire You

Taking a step back from the extravagant proposals and lavish weddings, we’re looking at another one of life’s most exciting moments; pregnancy! There’s nothing more special than knowing you’re about to expect a little addition to the family and what better way to capture this beautiful time with a maternity photo shoot? This will certainly be the perfect opportunity for you to slay that pregnancy glow and show off your baby bump.

Take your maternity photo shoot to the next level with our top 20 of the most angelic and beautiful maternity pics that will definitely get you inspired.


1. Make It Sweet

This carnival theme is the perfect way to add fun into any photo shoot. Step outside the box and these pictures will definitely remind you how sweet your pregnancy journey was.


2. The Golden Hour

No better way to capture nature’s beauty and your silhouette all in one shot.

3. The Perfect Location

Tap for the next image to discover this gorgeous photo shoot location. It will definitely make you lose your breath!

4. Dripping in Gold

Forget the classic black and white shots, bring all things that shine to your photo shoot!

5. Jump In The Deep End

This new maternity photo trend will really take your photo shoot to the next level. Something you will definitely remember forever.

6. Take A Milk Bath

Another trend that has been common in maternity photo shoots is a milk bath, adorned with beautiful, delicate flowers. This could also be an alternative and creative way to reveal the gender of your baby!

7. Simplicity Is Key

A beautiful sunset over a quiet and Instagram-worthy beach location, what else could you ask for?

8. Timing Is Everything

It’s all about that right moment to capture the perfect shot!

9. Nothing Like A Mother’s Love

Take up this opportunity to capture the excitement of your little ones, as they await the arrival of their baby brother or sister.

10. Get Your Fur Babies Involved

For all our expecting mummas with a furry companion out there, this one is for you.

11. Embrace The Weather

Don’t let the cold stop you from getting the perfect picture. This is all the proof you need to convince you that the weather can add that extra touch of magic to your maternity photo shoot.

12. Besties Who Are Pregnant Together, Stay Together

It’s always better when someone understands exactly what you’re going through. Why not share your maternity shoot with your bestie?


13. Get In Touch With Nature

Swipe to see this mother’s maternity photo shoot surrounded by lush greenery and her gorgeous family.

14. Show Off Your Nursery

All that time assembling all the elements together and to make sure everything is ready for the baby, make the most of it to take photos in your nursery for your maternity shoot.

15. The Perfect Outfit

But the real question is, what are you going to wear? Try and choose something that will accentuate your baby bump and make you feel flawless, kind of like this showstopping dress that will literally blow you away.

16. Natural Scenery

Nothing is as striking as a natural background, adding a rustic feel to any maternity photo shoot.

17. You Are My Sunshine

Enjoy the sea air and the sunshine to capture the most precious moments.

18. Be Spontaneous

Sometimes things happen that don’t always go according to plan. Just enjoy the moment and make the most of it before you’ll be holding your little bubba in your arms.

Written by: Alessandra Fasanella

Cover photo by: @dvineblu & @kaatchmeifyoucan

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