16 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s A Royal

From Meghan Markle to Her Royal Highness, The Duchess Of Sussex. Not bad at all, kids.

We saw Meghan Markle officially marry into the Royal family on May 19th, choosing a timeless boat-neck Givenchy gown and a veil embroidered in all 53 florals of the Commonwealth (and the California Poppy paying homage to her American roots).

There’s the Australian Dream and the American Dream, and then there’s the Meghan Markle Dream. One minute you’re 15 posing in front of Buckingham Palace like the rest of us commoners, and the next you’re marrying the Prince. Such is life. Even with her Prince Charming and tiaras and sashes, there are plenty of dont’s for the latest princess.

1. Acting

We all knew her as Rachel on the hit series, Suits. The paralegal turned princess had to quit her acting career because, as you know, the Royals and Hollywood are two verrrry different establishments. It’s okay though, because the last six months of her life are straight out of a movie anyway. Plus, the cast scored an invite to celebrate her Big Day.

2. Autographs

Royals do not sign autographs for security reasons as they don’t want anyone trying to forge their signatures. We’re not sure who would attempt to play Meghan Markle and sign anything on her behalf, but, protocol.

3. Bare Legs

Bare legs are a no-no when it comes to Royal dress code. She already broke this rule when she stepped out post- engagement announcement with Prince Harry in a green frock and cream coat. Also, her Ralph and Russo engagement dress boasted a sheer bodice, although nothing was exposed.

4. Short Hemlines

Speaking of oh-so-royal conduct, say goodbye to short hemlines, Miss Markle.

5. Solo Travel

Yep, no more heading out to the cafe down the road for a coffee. Whether you’re thinking short local trips or international tours, Meghan Markle will always be accompanied by security. And speaking of international tours, a black ensemble must always be part of the luggage in case a member of the royal family passes away. This ensures they are appropriately dressed for any situation.

6. Social Media

The whole lot of it, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. Say goodbye to Snapchat filters. It was fun while it lasted for our dear Meghan. The closest thing now is probably Queen Lizzie’s corgis.

Capture 1

7. Bye, Bogart

Speaking of dogs, Meghan’s beagle, Guy is actually moving to London with her and even rode with the Queen (aka “when a dog is luckier than you”). However, her other dog, Bogart, couldn’t have the same car-pool experience because he is too old to have travelled to Windsor for the celebrations.

8. Political Opinions

You can’t have them. That’s it. Or if you do, don’t voice them.

9. Dark Nail Varnish

You’ll notice Meghan is already following this rule in recent months. According to sources for OK! magazine, Royal Family members are not allowed to wear dark or coloured nail polish, meaning that they stick with nude shades.

wear colored nail polish

10. No Going To Bed Before The Queen, No Eating After Her

According to The Sun, it doesn’t matter how tired you are. If you’re in the same house or location as the Queen, she decides when the night is over. We’re hoping she’s like other grandmas and sleeps at 8:30PM. She’ll also learn how to eat with the Queen because when she finishes, everyone else must stop.

11. Leg Crossing

‘Duchess Slant’ only please. Although we can tell Meghan needs some practice on this one. There will not be a repeat of ripped denim either.

12. Shellfish

We hope she doesn’t like shellfish because when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Rome in 2000, they weren’t allowed to eat long pastas or messy tomato sauces either. Why? Food poisoning. They’re looking out for you Meghan.

13. No Tongue Out

Get it together, Meghan.

PAY Meghan Markle Joins Royals For Christmas at Sandringham1

14. PDA

While this one isn’t a completely enforced rule, the Queen and her husband Prince Philip and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are barely seen showing PDA. The purpose is to act professional when representing the Monarchy and carrying out duties.

prince harry meghan markle hold hands london rex embed

15. Open Presents On Christmas Day

Royal family tradition means celebrating Christmas at Sandringham House at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth. This means presents are opened on Christmas Eve, followed by church on Christmas morning. So yeah, no opening presents on the morning of Christmas. Eves only, Meghs.

16. Follow The Procession

In the lucky event that we see the whole Royal family in all their glory, there is a procession to follow when walking. The Queen leads the pack with husband Prince Philip, followed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and then… the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Yep, next in line means next to the throne. Notice Kate and Meghan’s matching pumps?

kate middleton meghan shoes t

Written by Shaymah Alkhair 

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